be quiet! presents its Dark Power Pro 12 and Shadow Rock 3

be quiet! presents its Dark Power Pro 12 and Shadow Rock 3

Pure Rock 2

If yesterday we talked about the improvements that Cooler Master had introduced to its leading sales heatsink such as Hyper 212 EVO, now it is the turn of one of its natural rivals: be quiet! Pure Rock 2. It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated heatsinks by users, since it is part of the entry level for the brand.

be quiet! CES 2020 12

It will arrive in three different colors and finishes, where the most interesting could be that of black color since the brand has painted up to heatpipes. It will be a heatsink in direct contact with the IHS by means of four 6mm thick heatpipes and will include a fan Pure Wings 2 PWM, so you can deal with processors up to no problem 150 watts of TDP.

It will be compatible with AM4 and LGA 115X and will arrive in April.

Shadow rock 3

be quiet! CES 2020 8

It will be one of the brand's flagship for 2020. And the company has innovated a lot with this new heatsink. The most striking entry is its new design in uve, where the common center of gravity has been moved back to accommodate high profile memories on the motherboard.

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He won't have a cold plate, but he will 5 thick 6mm heatpipes each in direct contact with the CPU. Your included fan will be a Shadow Wings 2 PWM, which guarantees a maximum loudness of 24.4 dBA.

As a novelty, it will include an aluminum cover to better channel the air and offer a premium aesthetic touch. As for your performance, be quiet! ensures that it can handle thermal loads of up to 190 watts, being scheduled to leave for April of this year.

Pure Base 500DX

be-quiet! -CES-2020-4

It is a direct variant of the model Pure Base 500 Submitted a few months ago. This model was quite sober, without tempered glass panels, slightly perforated front and design with very straight and discreet lines. This new box comes to offer a renewed and much more aesthetic appearance, especially for the inclusion of an LED system.

Its panel is fully perforated as a dust filter and is technically divided into two parts, where two bands of LEDs cross it vertically bordering the perforated areas. Apparently it will arrive in white or black and this time it will offer a full-size window on its side.

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Will include as standard three fans Pure Wings 2, an internal controller for the ARGB system and will arrive in March 2020.

Dark Power Pro 12

be-quiet! -CES-2020

Undoubtedly the star product of the presentation of be quiet !, and it is for their own reasons. They will be offered in two different powers: 1200 and 1500 watts, both with certification 80 Plus Titanium, which is really a step forward for the company in the case of very high powers.

It will use six + 12V rails where in the 1200 watt version they will reach up to 40 amps for each of them, being 45 amps in the 1500 watt version. As a curiosity, you will have a PCIe bracket with a button to activate what the brand calls «OC mode«, Which will optimize the source for extreme overclocking.

Each Dark Power Pro 12 model will be cooled by a fan 135mm Silent Wings, which will keep both sources fresh. The lower power model will be offered with up to 8 PCIe 6 + 2 connectors, by 10 of the 1500W model.

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The body of the power supply will be made of brushed premium aluminum where a fine mesh will protect the fan. The brand ensures 10 year warranty for these models and will arrive in the month of February this year.

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