Next @ Acer, a lot of new products on the horizon. There will also be a contest!

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 3:00 p.m., Acer will start its next, in a way traditional, conference. On [email protected] there will be no shortage of new products, famous for their personalities, as well as the competition.

Conference [email protected] already tomorrow. Get ready for the prize quizzes

[email protected] will be broadcast on the company’s Facebook and the Acer Polska YouTube channel live. We will then see the presentation of the most important novelties from the Predator, conceptD and Acer brands. There will probably be both those conceptual products that will be on the market only some time later in a slightly more subdued form, as well as great premieres.

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Many of Acer products will care for both our health and the environment. They will include production solutions related to both sustainable development and antibacterial solutions (mainly special coatings). We will even see special versions of already known devices created according to these rules.

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Is it worth watching the event? Certainly yes, because there is a Kahoot competition for viewers of the stream, in which you can win 40 PredatorShot drinks, 7 PredatorShot four packs and two Acer K3 monitors. The main prize is the All in One Acer Aspire C 22 All in One computer.

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