Nvidia at Computex 2022: Everything you need to know

Grace-Hopper Super Chips

Nvidia at Computex 2022: Everything you need to know

This is what was presented at the Green Team presentation.

Nvidia unveiled some pretty interesting developments during the Computex 2022 keynote. And if the broadcast time didn’t leave you with a chance to watch the live stream, we’ve compiled all the important information from the event in this article, so you won’t miss anything interesting from the Nvidia presentation.

Of course, Nvidia isn’t the only company with a presence at Computex this year, so we also recommend that you check out the full Computex review to find out which brands have opened the show.

Grace-Hopper Super Chips

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia’s Grace and Hopper processors are promised by the manufacturer by early 2023, and while they are not of particular interest to gaming fans of Nvidia, the news will be of interest to anyone who works with data centers or machine learning.

Nvidia said during its keynote that Taiwan’s leading computer makers are about to release the first wave of systems based on the Nvidia Grace and Hopper super chips announced last year. These servers will be ready for a wide range of workloads, including AI, HPC and cloud graphics.

Nvidia also mentions games, although they certainly shouldn’t be a priority for these processors when you just want to build a gaming PC… instead, they’re meant for large-scale operations like game development or shared gaming environments.

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“A new type of data center is emerging – AI factories that process and improve mountains of data to shape and train intelligence – and Nvidia is working closely with our Taiwanese partners to build the systems that enable this transition,” said Jan Buck, VP of Hyperscale. and HPC in Nvidia.

“New systems from our partners based on our Grace Super Chips will bring the power of accelerated computing to new markets and industries around the world.”

When Nvidia showed off the Grace Hopper super chip at GTC 2022, the company made some bold claims about the capabilities of the ARM processor, promising to achieve 1.5 times the performance of two 64-core AMD Epyc processors while consuming half the power.

The new 144-core ARM Neoverse-based Discrete Data Center CPU actually consists of two CPU chips connected using a low-latency high-speed chip link (C2C), NVLink.

All four systems showcased during the stream run on Nvidia’s ARM-compatible Grace and Grace-Hopper super chips, announced at GTC earlier this year.

Lots of games updated with DLSS, Reflex and tracing

Nvidia game optimization

(Image credit: Nvidia)

We expected to get at least some information from Nvidia about the upcoming Lovelace RTX 40 series of graphics cards, which should replace the existing Ampere series, but, unfortunately, not even a piece of information has been received.

However, the company’s keynote had some news that the gaming community should enjoy, including a list of games that will receive updates to support DLSS, Nvidia Reflex, and ray tracing.

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Detailed information is provided on the Nvidia website, which states that “since the launch of DLSS, over 180 games and applications have received this technology”, as well as several video clips that compare the performance of new games with and without active DLSS.

Below is a list of games that support DLSS:

  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • F1 22
  • LEAP
  • Ghost
  • Loopmancer
  • Hitman 3
  • Hydroneer
  • Propnite
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic
  • Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong
  • Turbo Sloths
  • Warstride Challenges

Nvidia also mentioned that Reflex, a feature that can reduce your system latency by combining graphics card and game optimizations, will be coming to four new games. It’s a solution that’s usually integrated into competitive multiplayer or esports games, which makes, say, Icarus (a PvE open world survival game) an odd inclusion, but we’ll withhold judgment on that for now.

The four games that received Nvidia Reflex are as follows:

  • Icarus
  • My Time At Sandrock
  • Soda Crisis
  • Warstride Challenges

The fastest monitor in the world

The fastest monitor

(Image credit: Nvidia)

What we certainly didn’t expect to see at Nvidia’s launch was a gaming monitor, but here it is. And it’s not just another gaming monitor – ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz, as the name suggests, has a 500Hz refresh rate, making it the fastest gaming monitor on the market.

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According to Nvidia’s website: “This 500Hz screen was designed from the ground up for esports, powered by E-TN (Esports TN) panels for ultimate motion clarity. It also boasts variable speed Nvidia G-Sync Esports mode and of course full Nvidia Reflex Analyzer support, allowing the user to measure end-to-end system latency when using a mouse and GeForce graphics cards.”

There was also a video showing the obvious benefits of 500Hz over the already familiar 144Hz (perhaps the most common refresh rate on budget gaming monitors today), but we’re a bit skeptical about how useful the new monitor is for those who aren’t. professional cyber-athletes. And can the human eye pick up the difference between 500Hz and, say, 240Hz or 360Hz…how many questions and few answers. It seems superfluous to us, but we will judge when we see the picture with our own eyes.

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