Nvidia announced the launch of its new graphics drivers GeForce 466.11 WHQL Game Ready, which add support for Nvidia Reflex technology in competitive shooters Valuing, adds the noise reduction seen in Nvidia Broadcast in OBS, and the support is extended Nvidia G-Sync to the LG G1, B1, C1 and Z1 series monitors from 2021, to the LG 27GP950, and to the MSI MAG301RF monitor.

Ending with the updates that integrates some “Game Ready” drivers, it solves the problems of a low frame rate in games Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander 2; files in RAW format would appear black on the Adobe Lightroom; the stuttering suffered by the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VR with GPU Scheduling disabled; and that some monitors were displaying the wrong color palette after starting Windows.

On the other hand, the drivers fix specific problems in Windows 10, such as the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands it will show a random flickering depending on the area of ​​the map where we play; that he Batman Arkham Knight ‘crashee’ when turbulence is activated in the smoke; stuttering and lag when running a game SteamVR together with a GPU usage monitoring App; that Prepar3D crasheara; that YouTube present stuttering when scrolling while a video is playing; So what laptops with Pasca GPUl (GTX 1000) and a high refresh rate panel will be limited to 60 Hz during gameplay.

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You can download the drivers Nvidia GeForce 466.11 WQHL from the following link.