O-Boy satellite watch can save your life

O-Boy satellite watch can save your life

Regardless of whether you are fascinated by “modern survival” and have a plan for what to do in case of extreme situations, the O-Boy satellite connectivity watch seems to be so versatile that anyone interested should have it when it often hits the terrain where cell line coverage is an issue.

O-Boy is a satellite connectivity watch that can call for help when the cellular network runs out

The Belgian entrepreneur Hadrien Dorchy is responsible for the O-Boy watch, who one day got stuck at sea when his fin fell off his windsurf board. Back then, he was far enough from the shore that he couldn’t use his smartphone. The story ended positively, however, because Dorcha finally survived when the crew of a passing ship noticed him.

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In practice, the O-Boy can be used as a traditional watch that shows the time on its digital screen hidden behind Gorilla Glass protective glass. However, if the user finds himself in a difficult situation and requires assistance, he can call for help in one of two ways. Pressing the button five times activates the GetMe service, in which the previously written message and the user’s current GPS coordinates are sent by satellite to up to four previously indicated contacts.

In a more crisis situation, he has to press the button eight times, which activates the RescueMe service, in which the SOS signal with GPS coordinates is sent to the nearest ambulance station. In turn, pressing the button for 10 seconds activates the TrackMe service, in which the watch sends the user’s current GPS coordinates to up to four contacts at intervals of 5, 20 or 60 minutes. All this without the need to pair the watch with the smartphone, because it only requires configuration.

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All this, of course, with the assurance that the O-Boy will not be damaged itself, which is to be ensured by the IP68 standard and a durable battery, which is determined at the level of 7 days of work in standby mode. The price for such a watch with satellite communication, which for some may (hopefully never) turn out to be invaluable, is EUR 265 as part of the presale in the Kickstarter campaign. Only the subscription may be problematic, renting out the next several dozen or even several hundred zlotys for services.

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