Oppo presents further innovations in the field of mobile photography

During today’s event 2021 OPPO Future Imaging Technology, Oppo presented a series of innovative technologies that will be in their smartphones in the future.

Oppo sets the tone for innovations in the field of mobile photography, presenting a number of innovative solutions

There were several novelties: a new generation RGBW sensor, smooth 85-200mm optical zoom, five-axis optical stabilization technology (OIS) and the next generation of the camera hidden under the screen (USC) supported by proprietary AI algorithms.

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So let’s start with the new RGBW sensor

Thanks to the new generation sensor introducing additional white sub-pixels (W), it is possible to significantly improve the response to light. The breakthrough DTI technology and the 4-in-1 pixel algorithm developed by Oppo also contribute to this. Thanks to this, the sensor is able to capture 60% more light than the previous generation, reduce noise by up to 35%, resulting in clearer and brighter photos in poor conditions. lighting conditions.

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The next-generation RGBW sensor, thanks to its advanced production technology, offers the increased computing power needed to run complex algorithms and maximize the amount of data extracted by white pixels. For users, it simply means better photo quality regardless of lighting or clearer portraits. As announced by Oppo, the sensor will go to the company’s devices from the fourth quarter of 2021.

WITHOptical oom OPPO 85-200 mm supporting super-smooth zooms and five-axis optical stabilization system (OIS)

The new module is 85-200mm smooth lossless optical zoom. It uses a hybrid lens technology made of glass and plastic, adding aspherical elements and precise mechanics control. Thanks to this, the photos will be clear regardless of the magnification. Users can enjoy a smooth transition through the entire focal range offered by zoom with image quality comparable to professional cameras. It is also worth mentioning that this technology will avoid problems such as white balance inaccuracy, color distortion or step values.

The five-axis OIS allows the processor to collect data about the movement of the gyro. They are passed to the lens and image sensor, which are driven by ball bearing and shape memory alloy systems, respectively. When there is little movement of the subject, images are mainly stabilized with lens shift OIS – including horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) shift. However, in the event of heavy traffic, OIS with sensor offset and algorithm compensation will be used to achieve stabilization in the five spatial axes.

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This will allow you to obtain a maximum stabilization angle of 3 °, and by increasing the vibration compensation even by 65%, we will get much better night or moving photos. Devices equipped with this technology will be available on the market from the first quarter of next year.

Oppo innovations also apply to the camera under the screen

During the event, a new generation of the camera hidden under the screen was also presented. Thanks to the innovative pixel geometry, the display quality of 400 PPI will be ensured in the area of ​​the screen that is above the camera. Oppo has also adopted transparent cabling and a new design, which will translate into a smoother experience and better display quality. Circuits are also used, which this time are connected to one pixel (one circuit per pixel).

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It is also worth mentioning the developed SI imaging algorithms (diffraction reduction, AWB and HDR), which will optimize the imaging quality of the camera hidden under the screen. By training diffraction reduction on tens of thousands of photos, this technology will help you take clearer and more natural photos.

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