PS1 games @ 50Hz on PS Plus have ghosting issue

Ghosting en juego de PS1 para PS Plus

The new subscription service PlayStation Plus It has not been released with good reviews, and it is that beyond the problems at the beginning with the way of charging the subscription, now we know that the PlayStation 1 and PSP games are presenting visual defects.

It must be remembered that for now the service is only available in Asia, and that is why all the complaints are coming from there, such as knowing that all the PS1 first party games included in the subscription are based on the European PAL version, when all of that region, including Taiwan, use the NTSC format. This means that the games are running at 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz.

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To gain that fluidity that is lost, it is indicated that Sony released a patch for several games, but this patch is generating the dreaded ghosting effect. The reason for this is that the company has increased the refresh rate artificially. Basically making several frames are mixed to generate that fluidity (frame blending), but the end result is that it generates a blurring of the image, and all this without compensating for the difference in hertz.

“They added frame blending to try to compensate for the PAL frame rate, but this means that there is a ghost trail behind each frame. This does not compensate for the low refresh rate of these PAL versions”, they indicated from Digital Foundry after accessing the service of the company in Asia.

Although Sony has not officially confirmed why it uses the PAL versions of its games, it is believed to be because they include support for multiple languages. However, other third-party games on the service like Tekken 2, Siphon Filter, or Abe’s Oddysee seem to be based on the NTSC versions, so they don’t have these ghosting issues.

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