Record 480 MB / s on HDD thanks to MACH.2 technology from Seagate


At the recent OCP Summit, Seagate presented a disk, hard drive or HHD (if you prefer), which was able to achieve a transfer of 480 MB / s. All thanks to MACH.2, which is a solution that can restore all the “tough guys” to splendor.

For starters, maybe a little shortcut to what MACH.2 technology is really about. This divides the group of read and write heads of all platters into at least two parts and manages them in parallel, but independently. In traditional HDD carriers, there is one controller and one dependent set of heads traveling along all the platters. Generally, therefore, we are not dealing here with something very difficult in terms of design or software. The whole thing looks so simple that we may wonder why another MACH.2 variation was not created before.

This allows the disk to achieve a transfer of 480 MB / s and although it looks almost magical, we will have to wait a while for such a revolution. Seagate is only working with other vendors to bring more MACH.2-based HDDs into the business segment. After that, it will be time to think about ordinary users who will not be specially limited by the speed of their disk drives. Of course, we are waiting for their premiere with great hope … that their price will not be taken out of space.

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