Smartphone-shaped pistol


In America, many people are interested in carrying a concealed weapon with them. This is a very popular practice overseas, almost everyone there is doing their best to keep these toys away from unwanted eyes. One of the things is not to arouse unnecessary interest (or even panic). Keeping the weapon in a holster is not perfect in this respect – it causes a thickening visible from the outside, for example.

For people who are not satisfied with conventional solutions, the Ideal Conceal system has been created – it allows you to wield the “power” of a .380 caliber pistol, deceptively reminiscent of … an ordinary smartphone.

The gun is manufactured in and built on a one-piece frame. The mechanisms operate without a tap in order to increase safety. Ideal Conceal is still awaiting a patent, but the manufacturer wants its flagship product to become available in mid-2016. In the US, it will cost $ 395.

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