Sony would present “Spartacus”, the rival of the Xbox Game Pass, next week

PlayStation Spartacus streaming

As revealed by Bloomberg, as soon as next week Sony would announce its new video game subscription service for the PlayStation, for now known as “Spartacus“, which will come to compete with Microsoft’s most popular service, the Xbox Game Passwhich accumulates more than 25 million users thanks to being able to be used on both Xbox and PC consoles.

“Sony’s service will launch with a wide range of hit games from the last few years,” said the people familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity because the plans are private.

For now, many specific details are not known, except that Sony’s service will combine two of its current offers, PlayStation Now y PlayStation Plus.

On the other hand, like the Xbox Game Pass, it is indicated that the subscription service “Spartacus” will have different levels, the most expensive ones give access to the company’s most modern games, while the cheapest ones are talking about games from the golden age of the industry, that is, games with many years behind them. Rumors indicate that the most basic level would have a starting price of $10 per month while the most expensive will cost 16 dollars.

“Right now they’re called ‘Essential’, ‘Extra’ and ‘Premium’. The price, again, could be a placeholder, but the price is $10/month for Essential, $13/month for Extra, and $16/month for Premium.”

For comparison, Xbox Game Pass currently offers three “tiers”: the Ultimate, which costs $14.99 per month and offers access to EA Play and xCloud to console, PC, and mobile users. Level PC Game Pass It costs $9.99 and is only playable on PC. The last and third level is the Xbox Game Pass for the console, which costs $9.99 per month and offers access to the Game Pass library, but not EA Play games or cloud access.

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In the case of Project Spartacusthe $16 Premium tier might offer full access to PlayStation First-Party titles and the ability to play via streamingalthough it is indicated that a large part of the catalog of games that will be offered will be classic titles, which would presumably be old titles. Of course, like any other service of this type, once you stop paying, you will not be able to access any of these games.

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