Take a look at the photos of the 14th generation Intel Core. Mobile Meteor Lake in the lens

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Intel surprisingly often and willingly allows us to look “behind the curtain” of its processor activity. This time, the company allowed a CNET service employee during a “tour” around the production plant to make and publish, inter alia, photos of Intel Core 14th generation in the mobile version. In other words, the Meteor Lake-M system has just seen the light of day.

Photos of Intel Core 14th generation

These are officially the first photos of actual silicon cores, which are now undergoing test production in Intel factories. As expected, Meteor Lake boils down to multi-matrix systems, i.e. those that consist of several separate but interconnected silicon cores. In May Intel officially announcedthat the project of the Meteor Lake family has been completed and the production of ready-made chips for Intel Core 14th generation can be started. WITH

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The photo of the 14th generation Intel Core in the mobile version is worth comparing with the official renderings from Intel, revealing the distribution of individual matrices on the package and their purpose. Unfortunately, it does not correspond to the actual systems, but probably the largest silicon has processor cores in it, while the other two include a graphics processor with 96-192 execution units and a SoC-LP system for I / O operations. The role of the third remains unknown.

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The premiere is supposed to take place in two years, i.e. in 2023, and their production is to use the technology of Intel Foveros technology and the Intel 4 production process, i.e. the equivalent of the 7nm Enhanced SuperFin technological process. Their core composition is to be a hybrid of those based on Redwood Cove and Next Mont.