Thanks to Einride, remote work for truck drivers will become a reality

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So far, if we mentioned the revolution on the professional driver market, everything was about autonomous modes. However, the Swedish technology company Einride is also developing in an unusual direction, so in the future we will certainly not be surprised by remote work for truck drivers, and the jokes about the pandemic sending them to the “home office” will no longer apply.

Remote work for truck drivers thanks to Einride

You might have heard of Einride in the past, because in early November this company proudly announced to the world that it had “created a new kind of job” in the freight industry. We are talking about the world’s first “remote truck driver” profession, which has already been hired. His work will involve real-time control of multiple trucks from a central location and will be much more enjoyable compared to the traditional one.

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Long absences from home, driving behind the wheel even for several hours, no respite from deadlines and the need to treat a truck as your own home – this is how you can describe the life of professional truck drivers in a nutshell. So it is not very comfortable and pro-health, but thanks to Einride, this reality will change. Remote work for truck drivers will be safer, will involve more regular and “normal” working hours and a more hospitable working environment.

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The innovative spirit of the United States is the standard by which all others are measured, and the US shipping market is the largest in the world. The US freight market is one of the most competitive and to be a leader in the industry, you have to play in this league. We have the technology and solutions that will bring the biggest change to the freight industry since the adoption of a diesel truck 100 years ago

Said Robert Falck, founder and CEO of Einride.

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Work to make these plans a reality is already underway and is gaining momentum, especially in the US, where Einride wants to provide 2,000 new jobs over the next five years. The company plans to establish a headquarters in New York City with regional offices in Austin, San Francisco and the Southeast.