The cryptocurrency demand for GPUs is declining and Nvidia is minimizing losses


Reporters of the DigiTimes website have found such information, who claim that the demand for GPU on the cryptocurrency market is decreasing. In turn, Nvidia, having its finger on the pulse, started actions to minimize possible losses.

The source says that the interest of miners in models adapted to mining cryptocurrencies is decreasing day by day. This is expected to worsen even more due to the new ASICs expected to be released by Bitmain in April. These are, of course, specialized in terms of blockchain calculation, which significantly increases the difficulty of calculating subsequent segments for ordinary machines “miners“. The government’s decisions, which indirectly significantly lowered the current rate of most cryptocurrencies, also contributed their five cents.

It did not escape Nvidia, which recently began to impose restrictions on its further partners, prohibiting them, inter alia, from promoting cryptocurrency activities and selling graphics cards adapted to miners. Nvidia hopes that this way it will re-interest players in its gaming models and stop the process of creating new mining GPU versions. All this to ensure you don’t lose a huge budget in the event of a sudden crash and ensure a smooth market entry with the Turing series. These, in turn, are to go into mass production in the third quarter of this year.

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