HWInfo with support for GV102 and GV104 cores from Nvidia

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There must be something to it. More and more often we get smaller or bigger leaks about upcoming Nvidia graphics cards so that the premiere is no longer around the corner. This time it was HWInfo that mentioned in an upcoming update about the introduction of compatibility with the Nvidia GV102 and GV104.

The latest leaks about the GeForce GTX 1100 were started by a representative of Lenovo in one of the interviews. He stated that their notebook series will be equipped with the GTX 1160 sometime later this year. Then the GTX 1180 went to a Vietnamese store, someone revealed the alleged comparison of the performance of the 1170 model with the 1080 Ti, and finally one of Nvidia’s partners in an e-mail sent the release dates of individual versions, informing about the earlier postponement of the premiere from around June. HWInfo has now added itself to all of this.

Interestingly, he re-posted information about the GV102 and GV104 cores. So they refer to the Titan V card, which took advantage of the Volt architecture and its GV100 core with a series of Tensor cores. Logic dictates that the GV102 and GV104 will be a truncated GV100 from the Volta family, which would contradict the news that their code name will be Turing. Ultimately, we can speculate that Nvidia may currently be working on two series of graphics cards.

The first (upcoming) will be a refreshment of Pascali’s architecture and will be called the Turing series with GDDR6 on board, and the second (with the cores just revealed) will be trimmed versions for the professional or consumer market. Only in the future. Such a sudden twist would be really interesting, because we can’t forget that the leaks that reach us may be outdated… or be forward-looking. Check out the leaks about the Assassin’s Creed series, namely Origins and Odyssey.

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