The Federal Trade Commission wants to block NVIDIA’s takeover of ARM

NVIDIA's CFO on the graphics card market

More than a year ago, NVIDIA officially announced that it was going to acquire Arm Limited for the entire $ 40 billion from the Softbank Group. From that moment on, the great machinery of fighting the monopoly went into motion, and it is hardly surprising. Unfortunately, maybe fortunatelyinstead of calming down, it is moving to new levels with what the Federal Trade Commission has just announced.

We will wait for the acquisition of ARM by NVIDIA, but there are chances that we will not

This potential deal did not appeal to everyone for a reason, and raised concerns about the potential monopoly. NVIDIA is currently competing with companies that base their products on the ARM architecture, and although the narrative from the very beginning indicates that NVIDIA will not adversely affect ARM operations, the risk still exists. Not surprisingly, the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit today to block NVIDIA’s takeover of ARM.

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We read in the announcement that “the proposed deal would give one of the world’s largest integrated circuit companies control over the computing technology and designs on which competitors rely.” The lawsuit indicates that the merged companies would have the means, capacity, motivation and purpose in suppressing new generation innovative technologies and thus limiting the possibilities of competition.

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It is also alleged that the acquisition will significantly harm overall competition by giving Nvidia access to confidential technology licensee information and may further reduce Arm’s incentive to innovate that is perceived to conflict with NVIDIA’s business interests. The commencement of administrative proceedings is scheduled for August 9, 2022.

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