The Galaxy Tab S8 series has less and less secrets for us. We got to know the prices and the real appearance of tablets

Samsung has failed to keep information about its new tablets a secret. Recently, the entire specification of the Tab S8 Ultra has been leaked, and now we got to know even more details about the other models. Prices appeared as well as live photos.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 – specification and photos

The Sammobile service has provided us with some photos from regulatory applications for a new series of tablets. Thanks to this, we can see their structure exactly.

As for the specs, we know that the basic Tab S8 will be equipped with an 11-inch IPS LCD display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels. The Tab S8 + will have a 12.4-inch AMOLED panel with the same refresh rate, but with a resolution of 2K. However, in the Tab S8 Ultra, the AMOLED screen will have a diagonal of 14.6 inches, 4K resolution and also a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The S8 and S8 + models will have a Snapdragon 888 processor and the batteries will have a capacity of 8,000 and 1090 mAh respectively, while the Ultra variant will accommodate an 11,200 mAh battery.

Prices for the Galaxy Tab S8 series

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (Wi-Fi) – 680 – 700 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB (Wi-Fi) – 730 – 850 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (5G) – 830 – 850 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB (5G) –  880 – 900 euro

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (Wi-Fi) – 880 – 900 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB (Wi-Fi) – 930 – 950 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (5G) – 1040 – 1060 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB (5G) – 1090 – 1110 euro

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (Wi-Fi) –1040 – 1060 euro
  • 8GB RAM + 128GB (5G) –1200 – 1220 euro

We only do not know the price of the 12/512 GB variant.

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