We know the prices of models from the iPhone 13 series. How many days does it take to buy them?

Apple iPhone 13 Mini First Look
Apple iPhone 13 Mini First Look

Smartphones from the iPhone 13 series presented, we also got to know their prices in individual memory variants. These are not small costs, but have you thought about how long you have to work to afford them?

How many days does it take to buy an iPhone 13?

As a standard, after getting excited about the devices themselves, it’s time to comment on prices. In the case of Apple devices, we have already got used to the fact that these are not small amounts, and in the case of the most powerful version it is already over PLN 8,000 (iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB costs PLN 8199). Picodi.com decided to check how long residents of each country have to work to buy an iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB. Its price is PLN 5,199.

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The website took the average salary in a given country into account, compared these amounts with the prices of devices and thus gave us the number of working days. It looks best in Switzerland, because there you have to work 4.4 days to be able to buy this iPhone. The United States came second with 5.9 days, while Australia came third with 6.4 days. You have to work the longest in Turkey – 92.5 days, in the Philippines – 90.2 days and in Brazil – 79.2 days.

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What about in Poland? Well, maybe it is not as bad with us as in the above-mentioned countries, also countries such as Russia, Hungary, Thailand and India are behind us. Poles have to work 25.9 business days to buy an iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB. Last year, our result was 2.4 days worse. Of course, these are dry calculations, because we know well that nobody will spend every zloty earned on the phone.