The Icoma Tatamel electric scooter will fit under your desk

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The Japanese company Icoma has unveiled its interesting Tatamel electric scooter, considered in this country as a moped, which has sides inspired by the top of a desk for a reason. Under it, according to the designers’ intention, it is to be hidden between successive rides.

Tatamel electric scooter from Icoma

The price and availability is now a secret and no wonder, because the Tatamel electric scooter is currently only a prototype, which the company is just planning to put into production. After it is unfolded, the whole block measures 1230 mm in length, 1000 mm in height and 650 mm in width, but after folding it takes the form of a cuboid with the estimated dimensions of the order of 700 x 680 x 260 mm. In this mode, you can pull it on wheels, like a suitcase, thanks to a special handle.

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So, as you probably guessed, the Tatamel electric scooter was created to free users from the need to look for parking spaces. After reaching the destination, it can be folded into a lump the size of a larger suitcase and, for example, hidden under your desk in the office. All this while maintaining the most important elements – backlight, two-element suspension or mirrors, and even the ability to charge other devices.

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The drive consists of a 600-watt motor and a 12-Ah lithium-ion-phosphate battery for a range of up to 50 km. The maximum speed, in turn, is to be 40 km / h, but these are only estimates of the production capacity of the model.