The merge is live! All information about the consensus change

It’s done: This morning at 8:44 a.m., crypto history was made with the merge. Ethereum has transitioned from the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to Proof of Stake, ushering in the Ethereum 2.0 era. A first in crypto space that has far-reaching implications for the overall market.

All the info on Ethereum 2.0, how the merge went, what the changeover from Proof of Stake means for investors, whether the second largest cryptocurrency can calm the minds of the doubters with this historic step towards a significantly greener future and more, read, hear and see here. In the following you will find all the latest news about the merger, all the background articles that the BTC-ECHO editorial team has written on the subject in the past few days and weeks, all the podcasts that our editors have recorded with each other or with external experts and all the videos that we have published on the subject.

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By the way: In the August issue of the BTC-ECHO Magazine we dealt extensively with the Ethereum Merge.

It’s done: The Ethereum Merge is live

The moment that crypto space has been waiting for years has come: Ethereum switched its consensus process from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake at 8:44 a.m. – and thus made history. Never before has a blockchain been switched to another consensus process on the fly. The Herculean task has been accomplished: a new era is beginning for Ethereum.

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Ethereum Classic: Hashrate explodes during merge

While Ethereum made crypto history with the merge, the hashrate of the “original” Ethereum network hits a record high.

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Ethereum co-founder Lubin: Merge makes crypto history

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin considers the merger to be a great moment in crypto history. Only two events were bigger.

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Ethereum 2.0: Miner group plans to split the blockchain

A group of ETH miners are not content with switching to Proof of Stake. With the merge, they are planning an Ethereum hard fork.

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First NFT mined for $60,000

The first post-merge NFT was mined on Ethereum 2.0 for $60,000. Bizarre: the sales price is below the gas fees paid.

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Ethereum 2.0: The most important articles

Already knew? The five most important questions about the Ethereum 2.0 merge

What investors need to know: Ethereum 2.0 – The 5 biggest misconceptions before the merge

Ethereum 2.0: 3 ways to benefit from the merge

Is Ethereum giving up decentralization with the merge?

Just before the merge: Ethereum has the highest developer activity

Ethereum 2.0: Will Stakers Sell Their ETH After the Merge?

What are the risks associated with the Ethereum Merge?

Proof of Stake Altcoins like Ethereum 2.0 and Co.

Because of the hard fork: will the Ethereum merge become a tax drama?

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This is how the inventor of Ethereum ticks: Vitalik Buterin, from rabbit philosopher to crypto messiah

Hashrate migration: How miners defy the merge on Ethereum 2.0

The merger makes it a risk: is Ethereum 2.0 going to the open knife of the crypto exchanges?

adoption wave? This is what the Ethereum Merge means for NFTs

Bug bounty program: Ethereum raises $1 million for merge bugs

Ethereum Merge: Die Top Podcasts

Ethereum 2.0: The best videos

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