The Navi 7nm graphics core is surprisingly efficient

7nm rdzeń graficzny Navi zaskakuje wydajnością

In recent times, we can be somewhat disappointed with new graphics cards and processors. These either don’t offer what we expected long before the premiere, or they are so expensive that buying them is simply beyond the reach of many. Personally, however, I am ready for a pleasant surprise in 2019 and 2020, which should be served by Intel … and AMD.

In this respect, AMD fares a bit better, because it is the first in the industry to use the 7nm technological process. This applies to both Ryzen processors and new graphics cards based on the Navi architecture. While I would bet my money on a more likely success in the CPU market, reports that the 7nm Navi graphics core is surprisingly efficient, simply changes my attitude. This, however, was torn off many months ago when we learned that Navi is being developed with the next-generation consoles in mind.

The Fudzilla service report indicates that the engineers themselves are positively surprised by the performance of Navi’s 7nm graphics cores. Although the author there does not indicate any reliable results in the tests, he says that AMD will target the middle segment on the GPU market. So they will be the successors of the Radeon RX series, not the Radeon RX Vega. I sincerely doubt whether Navi will come to this higher segment at all, because AMD has plans for a “new generation architecture”. Navi can therefore play a prosaic role on the market, that is, cram it with the cards of the “Reds” and wait for its successor.

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