AMD Confirms 7nm Navi GPU in 2018

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After the Turing architecture and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards were unveiled, the future of AMD on the GPU market is in question. The Vega cards did not exceed the efficiency of even the outdated Pascals, and the recent leaks even say that the first “Navi” will match the GTX 1080.

However, this does not stop AMD from wading into this market, as confirmed by the company’s CEO, Lisa Su in an interview with Marketwatch. It shows that “Reds” are on their way to presenting the world’s first 7nm graphics cores:

The next important step for AMD is the launch of its new 7nm product lineup. We are talking about the second generation Zen 2 processors and our new Navi graphics processor architecture. In TSMC factories, we have already created many products in 7nm, including the first 7nm GPU, the production of which we plan to launch later this year.

No wonder, because AMD already presented the 7nm Vega chip at Computex in June. This one, however, is intended for the professional market, where its 32 GB of HBM2 memory with a 4096-bit bus will show its superiority over GDDR6. It is not known if any of its variants will go into the hands of players, but we can be sure that cards based on the Navi architecture will do it. Who knows? Maybe the transition from 14nm to 7nm will be what will help AMD catch up with the new GeForce? One thing is certain, however – Navi (or its version) will go to PlayStation 5 and is supposedly designed with consoles in mind.

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