Adaptive glasses from TouchFocus are as useful as they are expensive

There were many ideas for electric glasses that would adapt to the user’s needs without the need to replace lenses. Here it is worth mentioning PixelOptics, an invention that did not catch on very well in 2011. His “legacy” was taken over by an invention from the Japanese company TouchFocus.

The adaptive glasses from TouchFocus presented here are as useful as they are expensive, but they have something that PixelOptics lacked. I am talking about something somewhat prosaic against the background of such an invention, because … the style that TechFocus took for wallpaper and created as many as 20 different frames at the beginning that simply look natural and stylish. Their most important element, however, is in the current electronics, which is based on a system of liquid crystals responding to the button on the holder.

This allows the user to change the focus, i.e. simply sharpen e.g. a print. All in all, it is with people who have to use two pairs of glasses (one for reading and the other for… other situations) in mind that TechFocus has created its latest product. This one requires regular charging, because the battery lasts only for 10 hours, but in the “reading” mode. Unfortunately, such modern glasses are not very cheap, because they cost 250,000 in Japan, which is about $ 2,220 + tax per pair. However, I have the impression that this idea (if TechFocus is successful) will soon be caught by other companies and will lower the price with the blessed action of the competition.

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Source: NewAtlas