the new high-performance M.2 NVMe SSD

the new high-performance M.2 NVMe SSD

Its new SSD brings a series of improvements for the consumer market, being the first device that supports the company's PCIe 4.0 outside its business range. There is not much information about it, since Samsung has been cautious when offering features, but it would be the best M.2 NVMe SSD launched by the company for enthusiasts.

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 NVMe: the new king for a limited time?

What Samsung has shown is, aesthetically speaking, with what we have seen during the last 3 years: an SSD with PCB in black, without any type of heatsink and apparently with a very optimal single side design for the motherboards.

Regarding performance data, the brand ensures readings of 6500 MB / s Y 5000 MB / s writes, which is an appreciable improvement, but not shocking for what we can currently buy in the market with competitive models.

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It has not been specified what type of controller it uses, since currently the performance limit is marking this one, but in any case we can intuit that it will not be the already known Phison E16 and its known limitations. Its most renewed and announced version, the E18, should boost performance somewhat more than what we currently have in the market, where figures close to 7 GB / s.

Samsung gives priority to durability over capacity

Proof of this is that reportedly, this new SSD 980 Pro will reach the market in a capacity of 250 GB at 1 TB, which seems to indicate that Samsung is still in its thirteen in not offering TLC as the main NAND Flash in its best SSDs.

This should be focused on the greater durability of MLC cells compared to TLC, although they are in a more mature phase. We saw it in his series 970 EVO and Plus, where SSD with TLC was not launched within the PRO range.

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The brand has also not reported on what generation of V-NAND they are using in this new SSD, and therefore we do not know the number of layers of their cells. At the same time, no data have been offered on the cost of each version according to its capacity or the dates that will reach retailers, so it seems more like a preview focused within several months than a product that can be marketed in A small space of time.

We will have to wait therefore for the official presentation by Samsung to know more in detail that this new one offers 980 PRO M.2 NVMe.

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