We are not to recover from the semiconductor catastrophe in a few years

We are not to recover from the semiconductor catastrophe in a few years

Two new statements from Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, who participated in an interview with CNBC and Bloomberg, seem to indicate that we will not recover from the continuing semiconductor disaster, which has weakened somewhat recently, for a few years.

When will the semiconductor disaster end? Intel’s new estimate is a bit scary

Looking at the current market situation, it is hard not to notice that the situation has improved. However, this does not mean the end of shortages, as these currently affect production and factory equipment. This fact alone is the main reason Intel expects the semiconductor shortage to continue for another year.

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That’s part of the reason we believe the total semiconductor shortage will shift by 2024 from our earlier 2023 estimateas the shortage has hit the equipment and some of these factory ramps will be more of a challenge

– said Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO in an interview with CNBC.

Intel’s CEO also claims that his company is in a better position than most others.

We feel we are in a better position than most companies. The combination of our in-house manufacturing capabilities and the use of foundries – we’re simply better equipped and that’s part of Intel’s structural advantage

Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, said in an interview with Bloomberg.