Android will introduce an archive function. It will free up space without uninstalling the app

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If every now and then you have to deal with the problem of insufficient memory on your smartphone, then the new feature that Android will gain you will surely like it.

Archiving applications in the Android system

The easiest way to recover the memory you need on your smartphone is to delete files. However, often when the storage is small, it is difficult to get rid of the photos or videos we need, so we choose to uninstall applications such as games that take up a lot of space. This is not a very comfortable solution, as Google apparently also realizes when developing a new function.

Thanks to the application archiving, you will not have to uninstall them, because Android will simply compress them, keeping the basic information on the device, but deleting some files (about 60%). This will free up space on the phone and at the same time allow you to return to the app when we need it. For now, this feature has been announced on the Android Developers Blog, but we don’t know when to expect it even in beta. It will likely be introduced with Android 13.

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