Why Can’t I Create an Account on Discord and How to Fix This Problem?

Why Can't I Create an Account on Discord and How to Fix This Problem?

Why Can’t I Create an Account on Discord and How to Fix This Problem? – Discord has many features and advantages that make the games even more interesting and entertaining, which is why there are currently many people who want to register on this platform.

If you are stuck with any of the following Questions below, we can help you:

  • Why isn’t registering on Discord working? 
  • What to do if you get the error message ” Based on your information, we can’t create an account for you at the moment ” on Discord? 
  • Why can’t i create a discord account?

This is a question that may concern one or the other Discord user who wants to create a new account and sees the above message when registering.

At the time of this record, many have not been able to complete it due to the presence of a problem that is generated at the time of such registration, this problem manifests itself with the message Error can’t register or can’t register.

If you are one of the users who are has presented the problem or error of registry do not worry more because next we will help you to solve it.  In this article we have summarized a few tips on what this is all about and how you can sometimes easily fix the “problem”.

What reasons make Discord not let me open an account?

If the error message “Based on your information, we cannot create an account for you at the moment” is displayed when registering with Discord, this can be due to various reasons. 

The first thing you should do is try it again and only try the following solutions if the error message is displayed a second time.

The error cannot be registered that appears at the time of the registration on the Discord platform It can occur for any of the reasons listed below:

1. Duplicate username

The Discord platform does not allow more than one user to have the same name, (for security reasons) This is the most common reason for registration errors on said platform.

To avoid it, you must use an original username. You can combine your names and surnames, so there is no problem.

2. Appropriate age to open the account

Another reason that does not allow registration on the Discord platform is the inappropriate age of the user who is trying to open the account.

Discord does not allow users under the age of 14 believe accounts in it, the mentioned age may vary depending on the country where you are located.

It is recommended that before opening the Discord account you verify its policies in your country.

3. Banned Discord IP

If you are trying to open an account from a computer or mobile device in which another user has been banned, it is normal that you get the message that indicates that the registration cannot be made, this is because the Discord platform does not allow a person creates an account in it from a computer or mobile device in which previously another user has been banned on the platform.

Why can’t I register on Discord?

To resolve registration issues, users need to:

  • Check the email address, someone may have taken it and now the main owner cannot log into the account.
  • During network failures, often if the discord is overloaded with users.
  • Due to technical issues.
  • Troubles arise due to the incorrectness of the entered information.
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Temporary system failure

Crashes in the Discord system are rare. But, if troubles arise, check the health of the program by closing all tabs. Then restart the computer or other device from which the registration was made.

 After turning on the device, enter the laws of the discord and try to register. If even after the above steps it was not possible to register a personal account, contact the support service.

But before contacting the technical service, you need to make sure that the error comes from the system of the installed application. If the user data is entered correctly, and he is still going through the registration process, you need to turn off the computer for a certain time, then turn it on. 

This is not a reboot, which was done just above. You need to keep it off for 10 minutes. Now the user needs to turn on the computer. After these steps, registration will take place according to the system.

Bad Internet connection

It happens that constant failures on the Internet without fail will lead to another trouble:

  • Unable to login to any site.
  • When playing games, the user’s account crashes, and he finds himself in a non-process.
  • When loading a program, crashes prevent or stop the process, making it impossible.

The same goes for the Discord program. It is possible that failures occurred during the loading of the utility, and some part remained unloaded. So remove all drivers and anything related to discord. Then install it again. Make sure that the Internet works, as another failure will lead to new problems.

Incorrectly filled fields

If the user made even a small mistake while filling out the registration form, he will not be able to create an account. If everything is done correctly, then the user will not have to say “I can’t register in the discord”, he will easily log in and enter the program. 

Incorrectly filled fields are another problem created by the user himself. Use personal data, enter the number of the mobile device, indicate the email address, all this must be entered correctly.

It happens that the user cannot log in after registration. Such troubles in the program happen, because due to the poor connection of the telephone network, they cannot receive the code. Without entering the code, the user cannot advance even one step in their own actions.

Re-registration for one email

If the resulting problems with registration in the discord persist, it would be time to try to create an account again. Re-registration to the same email address may resolve the issue of getting a full login. 

But sometimes this approach is simply not suitable, since re-registration to the same email address in the utility is prohibited. Don’t expect this approach to work.

 But there is such a way out, if the user has already registered, but after the steps passed, the login is not activated, then he needs to try to log into his personal account from another device.

 It is possible that the equipment does not allow you to enter third-party applications and programs.

Then the problem occurs only in an antivirus that is not compatible with discord. It is the antivirus that automatically blocks the functionality of the utility, preventing it from acting and activating other settings. 

Try disabling the anti-virus system and log in again using the previously set login and password. It is quite possible that the user will solve the troubles associated with entering the program.

What to do if you get the error message ” Based on your information, we can’t create an account

Now, to start with an explanation that will allow you to easily create an account or sign up for Discord, the first thing you should do is go to PlayStore and download the official Discord app from there (it’s completely free).

After you’ve downloaded and installed Discord, you need to look for its icon on your mobile and press it to enter the application.

Please note the minimum age

When registering, you have to enter your own date of birth and if this is below the minimum age of 16+ in Germany, then no account can be created. 

In this case you will also get the error message mentioned above. Further information can also be found in the linked FAQ article on the official Discord website.

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Switch off VPN

If you are currently connected to the Internet via a VPN and are trying to create a Discord account, you should deactivate the VPN as a test and try again. 

Experience has shown that creating an account via a VPN connection does not always work (probably because several accounts were created and/or banned from the IP?).

Delete browser data

If the account is created via the Discord website and the above problems occur, then you should delete the browser data and cookies. Alternatively, you can switch to incognito mode and try again.

Register on your cell phone/browser: If the registration in the Discord client doesn’t work, you can alternatively try it on your cell phone or in the browser via the website.

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How to open a Discord account without any problem?

If you have already received the registration error on the Discord platform, do not worry, below it will show you how you can register quickly and easily without any problem:

Open a Discord account in ‘Incognito Mode’

The first method is to open the browser you are using in Incognito mode, because in this way the Discord platform does not recognize that on the computer before there was a banned user In case this has happened, the procedure to open an account with Incognito Mode is as follows:

  1. Open your browser, then open a window with incognito mode, to achieve this you must open the options menu of your browser, in it you must find the option New incognito window.
  2. Once the incognito mode is open, open the official Discord registration page.
  3. Within the registration page there is the Registration option, click on it.
  4. On the new page that will be shown you must fill it with your data, such as email, username (try to be original) and password.
  5. When you finish filling in the information, click on the Continue option.
  6. A message containing a link will be sent to the email you registered, you must enter the email and open that link.
  7. You will be sent to a new web page, in it you must search and select the option verify emailfinished this you will have registered on the Discord platform.
person using discord

Create a Discord account from another browser

The second solution method is to create the account from a different browser than the one you used in the first process, to create the Discord account from any browser, do the following:

  1. Open a browser on your computerremember that there are different browsers available to you, this has to be one in which you have not tried to open the Discord account.
  2. After you open the browser, go to the official registration page of the Discord platform.
  3. On the page you opened, you will find the Registration option, click on it.
  4. A new window will open in which there is a form that you must fill out with your information, such as email, username and password that you want for the account, these must be filled out compulsorily. It is good that you read the policies and privacy of the platform.
  5. When you finish the process of filling in the information, click on the Continue option that is shown at the end of the open page.
  6. Open the email you registered on Discord, if you don’t have access to it, remember that you can retrieve it without a phone number.
  7. In your email inbox you should find a message from the Discord platform, open it and then click on the link that has said message.
  8. To complete the registration press the option on the new page verify email and ready.

Tips for improving the security of your Discord account

This is so that no one can access it without your permission

Below is the configuration you need to do in Discord to improve the security of your account:

Enable two-factor authentication

This will help you enter not only your password, but also a PIN that can be constantly changed . This will prevent anyone who knows the password from accessing your account.

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The steps you are going to take are:

  • Once you have access to the Discord platform you should go to User Settings .
  • Then select My Account .
  • Go to the right side of the screen and tap the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button .
  • Enter your current password and click Continue . You will receive a code that you need to copy to integrate the app with Discord in the following steps.
  • Next, you need to download an app that will help you generate the codes. You will be able to choose Authenticated or Google Authenticator . To do this you must enter with your browser in https://authy.com/or https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1066447?hl=en, respectively.
  • You will get an executable file that you need to open to install the new app.
  • Grant all the necessary permissions so that the program can work.
  • After that you should link your Discord account to the new software. Paste the code you copied earlier.
  • When you’re done the new app will run permanently, giving you a code you’ll have to type whenever you want to enter Discord .

Turn off streaming mode

This feature allows you to live stream your screen to the users you want. The problem with this tool is that you can show your personal information when you are on the broadcast.

The step by-step you will do is:

  • Sign in to Discord and then access User Settings.
  • Then go to the APP SETTINGS section.
  • Tap Stream Mode.
  • On the right side of the screen disables the function.
  • Next, enter the area called Options.
  • I allow tools Hide personal information Hide invitation links Mute sounds C Disable notifications.

Let Discord scan your instant messages

It is important to avoid receiving explicit content via instant messages. For this, you need to configure the options by entering User Settings and then Privacy and security. Then go to SECURE IM and turn on Keep with Secure. If you want, you can choose not to analyze the partial or total reform.

Prevent other users from sending you MDs

If you decide that other members belonging to the server you are joining are not sending you instant messages, you should enter Privacy and security, then under OWN AN EXCLUSIVE SERVER, and turn off Allow instant messages from server members.

Choose who can add you as a friend

You will be able to configure this option to prevent other people from knowing more information about you. For this you will need to access Privacy and security and then select the field WHO CAN ADD YOU AS A FRIEND. This will allow you to disable the features WorldwideFriends of Friends C Server Members.

Set a time to participate in your video games

This tool works to choose whether your friends can join the games or approve voice channel participants to do so. For this you need to enter User Settings and select Privacy and security . After that go to the PERSONAL APPEARANCE section and choose the privacy mode you want.

Prevent access to your personal data from Discord

The messaging platform has a policy of using user data to improve that person’s experience on Discord, to know who you are talking to and what kind of video game you choose, to get information about settings when you use a screen reader, and also to store and process your personal data for sharing with other companies or conduct experiments.

To prevent Discord from accessing all of this information you should select the User Settings tool and then click on Privacy and Security. After that you should select the section HOW WE USE YOUR DATA and uncheck all the boxes you find.

Which are:

  • Use data to improve Discord.
  • Use data to customize my Discord experience.
  • Allow Discord registration to use the screen reader.
  • Use data to make Discord work.

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