Top 5 + 2 Best most profitable Asiki for Mining 2019

Top 5 + 2 Best most profitable Asiki for Mining

Overview of the most profitable mining for mining in 2019 – models, their characteristics, profitability, power consumption, and price. Which coins are more profitable to mine?

In 2018, the situation in the cryptocurrency market changed dramatically. Top coins fell in price, because of this, their mining became unprofitable. Cloud mining services suffered losses (for example,, and the exchanges closed down and became bankrupt (Cryptopia, BitFlip). 

For 2019, there are many different forecasts. Some experts say that the correction will continue, others predict a real revolution in the market and a quick “death” of Bitcoin. In one of their opinions converge: the correction stage is the best time for investment, since it is possible to buy the asset of interest at the lowest price as profitably as possible. 

As for mining, there are also nuances here. Yes, because of the fall in cost, complexity The networks of some coins decreased slightly, but not so much that it was profitable to invest in their mining. Traditional mining of top koin has outlived itself – it requires large investments and still remains risky. That is why at the moment Bitcoin mining or mining of other expensive coins are not so relevant. Another thing is inexpensive, but promising cryptocurrencies. 

Today we will look at the TOP 7 of Asiki, which are beneficial to buy for mining in order to make a profit not only for the future but now.

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The best ASIC for mining Obelisk SC1 Immersion

best ASIC for mining Obelisk SC1 Immersion

At the time of the preparation of this material is the most profitable ASIC for mining. Users will receive the first batch of equipment as early as March 2019. 

Features of the Obelisk SC1 Immersion ASIC miner:

AlgorithmBlake2B, Blake2B-Sia
Hashrate2.2 Th / s
power usage1.6 kW

The main feature of ASIC SC1 is that it is used in special tanks with a liquid cooling system (Green Revolution Cooling). The design of the device consists of 4 hash cards, 1 control card and 2 power supplies. In this case, be sure to use the device in the tank. The miner will not work in an air-cooled environment. 

Price Obelisk SC1 Immersion – $ 6400 in the online store 

With regard to profitability, then, according to, the daily income for mining Siacoin is $ 52.9, excluding payment for electricity. To calculate the monthly profit, it will be necessary to withdraw the amount from it to pay for 1,152 kW of electricity. That is how much equipment consumes per month during round-the-clock mining.

Asiki for mining Sia – Obelisk SC1 Dual

Asiki for mining Sia - Obelisk SC1 Dual

This model from the manufacturer Obelisk, as well as the previous one, is intended for the extraction of Siacoin. Deliveries will also begin in March 2019. 

Obelisk SC1 Dual features:

AlgorithmBlake2B, Blake2B-Sia
Hashrate1.1 Th / s
power usage0.9 kW
Weight5 kg
Noise at work75 dB

This asik has a 2 times smaller hashrate compared to the SC1 Immersion model, however, the power consumption here is significantly lower. During the month of operation, the equipment consumes only 648 kW (against 1152 kW from the previous miner). 

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Price Obelisk SC1 Dual – 4300 dollars. 

Profitability at Asik also lower – 26.41 dollars without taking into account the electricity payment. Despite even such a large gap in performance in the smaller direction, at the time of writing this article (02/10/2019), this miner ranks second in terms of profitability.

Asik Miner Spondoolies SPx36

Asik Miner Spondoolies SPx36

This ASIC was introduced in September 2018. At the moment, mining income Dash and Cannabiscoin on this equipment. 

Spondoolies SPx36 features:

Hashrate540 Gh / s
power usage4.4 kW
Weight19.5 kg
Noise at work75 dB

The equipment is used to mine Dash (DASH), Cannabiscoin (CANN) and other coins on the X11 algorithm. 

The most profitable to mine is CANN – in this case, the ASIC’s profitability will amount to 23.26 dollars per day, excluding payment for electricity. If you use the device for mining Dash, then the profit will be in the range of 18-19 dollars per day. These data are relevant on February 17, 2019, they are constantly changing. 

As for energy consumption, this indicator for ASIC Spondoolies SPx36 is very high – 4.4 kW per hour! In a month the device consumes 3168 kW at round-the-clock work You can calculate how much you will have to pay for electricity by multiplying this figure by the cost of 1 kW in your locality. 

Price Spondoolies SPx36 – 7000 dollars on the official website of the company.

Price Spondoolies SPx36 - 7000

Spondoolies SPx36 on the official website
At retail suppliers, the device can be found cheaper. For example, on, asik is sold for $ 4,900.

Spondoolies SPx36 at Bitech Mining

Spondoolies SPx36 at Bitech Mining

Asiki for mining Sia – Obelisk SC1 Slim and SC1

Asiki for mining Sia - Obelisk SC1 Slim and SC1

These 2 ASICs close the top five most profitable mining models. They are both intended for the extraction of cryptocurrency on the Blake2B-Sia algorithm and both are produced by Obelisk. As you know, the developers of the coin spent hardfork to make the network asikostoychivoy. However, if to speak in fact, it was done rather to monopolize mining by Asiki, because in parallel the Obelisk subsidiary was created, which produces equipment for mining Sia . 

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Features Obelisk SC1 Slim and SC1:

Obelisk SC1 SlimObelisk sc1
Hashrate550 GC / s
power usage450 watts500 watts
Weight5 kg9 kg
Noise level75 dB65 dB
Date of issueJanuary, 2019June, 2018

Asik Obelisk SC1 Slim is more profitable and brings in a day 11.88 dollars (as of 02/17/2019). Obelisk SC1 is not inferior, its daily profitability is 11.87 USD. Both indicators are shown without regard to energy consumption. And here is the advantage of Obelisk SC1 Slim. It consumes 324 kW per month, and ASIC SC1 – 360 kW, because the total yield of the Slim model is slightly higher. 

Price Obelisk SC1 – 4000 dollars. 
Price Obelisk SC1 Slim $ 4200.

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