PNY Quadro GP100 16Gb Mining: Ethereum | Hashrate | Specification | Review

PNY Quadro GP100 16Gb Hashrate - Review and Specifications

PNY Quadro GP100 16Gb Mining: Ethereum | Hashrate | Specification | Review – The Quadro GP100 16 Gb video card released in October 2016 continued the Quadro Nvidia family, becoming the first model in which the manufacturer combined the GP100 chip with the HBM2 memory. 

And if the first GP100 GPUs, built on the Pascal architecture in combination with the second generation high-speed HBM memory, were oriented to the server segment, the company introduced the new product in the consumer category in March 2017, containing 16 GB of memory and a PCI-Express interface.

PNY Quadro GP100 16 Gb for mining
PNY Quadro GP100 16 Gb for mining

The American electrical engineering giant PNY Technologies, which is the official supplier of professional Nvidia Quadro graphics cards to Russia, has released its own version of the accelerator, called the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb. At the time of launch, the product was announced as the world’s most powerful graphics workstation and computing card. 

Equipped with advanced visualization and modeling capabilities to meet the highest professional requirements, the map allows application developers to create massive and complex environments, ensuring high speed solutions to the most complex computational problems. The presence of NVLink interfaces leads to the ability to combine two cards with an aggregate memory capacity of 32 Gb.

Due to the combination of technical characteristics, the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb demonstrates outstanding performance, 9% ahead of the nearest competitor AMD Radeon PRO WX 9100 in speed.

Specifications PNY Quadro GP100 16 Gb

The top representative of the Nvidia Quadro family, in whose implementation Pascal architecture was involved, made it possible to turn desktop workstations into supercomputers with breakthrough capabilities for professional workflows in many industries. 

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The video card is based on the GP100 core, which contains 3580 FP32 / 1792 FP64 CUDA microprocessors. A distinctive feature of the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb is the combination of high-speed interface Nvidia NVLink and high-speed memory HBM2. The first allows you to increase memory efficiency and scale application performance by bidirectional data transfer at speeds up to 80 GB, using the capabilities of two cards connected to each other. The second provides a memory bus bandwidth of 921.6 GB, and also provides built-in support for the error correction code (ECC) without performance limitations. 

Standardized in 2016 as a JESD235a second-generation high-bandwidth memory HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) provides a significant increase in bandwidth with less power consumption and significantly smaller sizes compared to GDDR5. HBM2 combines up to 8 DRAM integrated circuits in a stack,   allowing the standard 16 MB of memory to be doubled.

Experienced miners have noted a decrease in the performance of HBM2 memory in crypto-mining when the temperature rises above 65 degrees. This is due to the setting of the thermal protection algorithm of the microcircuits to increase delays with increasing memory temperature, which reduces the operating speed even with the same frequency.

The dual-slot card reaches 267 mm in length and is connected via a PCI-Express 3.0 x16 interface via one 6-pin and one 8-pin cable, providing 235 watts of power. the cooling system is represented by a single centrifugal turbofan.

The main set of characteristics includes: Hashrate

  • architecture – Pascal;
  • core – GP100;
  • technical process – 16 nm TSMC;
  • core area – 610 mm;
  • number of shader processors – 3584;
  • the number of transistors – 15.3 million;
  • base frequency of the core – 1380 MHz;
  • core frequency in Boost mode – 1441 MHz;
  • texturing speed – 322.8;
  • the number of texture units – 298;
  • conveyor raster operations (ROP) – 128;
  • floating point performance – 10.329 Gflops;
  • memory type – HBM2;
  • memory capacity – 16 Gb;
  • memory frequency – 1800 MHz;
  • memory bus width – 4096 bit;
  • memory bandwidth – 921.6 Gb;
  • video connectors – 1 x DVI, 4 x DisplayPort;
  • interface – PCI-Express 3.0 x16;
  • dimensions – 267 mm x 2 slots;
  • additional power connectors – 1 x 6 pin, 1 x 8 pin;
  • API support – OpenGL 4.5, Open CL, DirectX 12, Vulkan 1.0, DirectCompute;
  • TDP – 235 W;
  • The recommended power supply is 600 watts.
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In Quadro Gp100 16 Gb, developers have combined modeling, high-performance computing, rendering, and design capabilities. For professional designers and engineers, the card allows you to create realistic visualizations in the design process, including a viral reality in workflows. The graphics processor provides more than 20 teraflops of 16-bit floating point computing. The performance of a single precision FP32 is 10 teraflops. The graphics accelerator supports the following technologies: Nvidia SLI, Quadro Sync, Quadro Mosaic, Quadro Digital Video Pipeline, DirectCompute, OpenCL, Nvidia GPUDirect.

Like the entire Nvidia Quadro Pascal line, the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb model supports CUDA 8, a high-performance computing platform focused on creating GPU-accelerated applications and providing developers with access to all of the architecture and new libraries, including the parallel parallel analysis library nvGraph (Nvidia Graphics) . 

The introduction of Pascal architecture in graphics accelerators was a breakthrough for all classes of products. Due to the transition to the 16 nm process, an increase in computing power has occurred through the addition of additional CUDA cores, and the clock frequencies have risen significantly. Using GDDR5 with a 16n prefetch allowed us to increase memory bandwidth. The result of innovations was the performance, significantly exceeding the previous models.

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The Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb model is focused on meeting the needs of designers, rendering, multimedia processing and scientific computing in the workstation segment. The card is equipped with four DisplayPort outputs and allows you to connect up to 4 5K displays with a resolution of 5.120 x 2.880 pixels at 60 Hz or 4 4K displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The accelerator also supports the output of pictures with 10-bit color.

The video card comes bundled, supplemented by accompanying documentation, DVI-D-SUB adapters, with 8 pin to 2 x 6 pin, DisplayPort-DVI, 1 x Stereo Connector Bracket.

Video card PNY Quadro GP100 16 Gb in mining

The cost of the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb accelerator in 2018 is about 550 thousand rubles, which makes the card unprofitable for crypto-production. Meanwhile, the hashrate indicators in mining in the drain state show 42.6 MH / s for Ethereum, 1.58 Gh / s for Siacoin, 670 H / s for Monero, 409 Sol / s for Zcash. In Boost mode, the card produces + 100 / + 130 Mh / s.

It is obvious that a professional accelerator is focused on industrial use, use in scientific and commercial developments. Mining through the Pny Quadro Gp100 16 Gb is interesting, rather, from an experimental point of view. Building a mining farm on the base of the map is also extremely inefficient – first of all, because of the high price. More justified in this regard will be buying a GTX 1080ti.

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