Baikal giant x10 Mining – Review | Profitability | Specifications

Baikal giant x10 Mining - Review Profitability Specifications

Here is a review on the profitability on Baikal giant x10 Mining (Hashrate) – And again about the equipment for mining. The next review is devoted to the miner Baikal Giant X10 with the support of several algorithms. The machine entered the cryptocurrency market not so long ago, but it has already managed to recommend itself. Consider the technical characteristics of the miner, payback period, instructions for connecting.

The release of new equipment always shakes the market. ASIC users are looking at more powerful models, selling old ones, increasing turnovers in mining. Algorithms for the extraction of digital volutes are complicated. Therefore, you need time to have time to sell the old Asiki and buy something more powerful. Standard situation: Giant X10 is released and the entire product is sold in the first days. Resellers come into the game and instead of the original $ 1500-2000, the price exceeds $ 10,000 from the mark.

On a note! This is not the first Baikal ASIC with the ability to work with several algorithms. We also advise you to look at the model Baikal A2000. It is cheaper, older, but still makes a profit.

Let’s return to our Giant. And the model was positioned as a direct competitor to the market leaders – Bitmain S7 and S9. And although the power of the latter was several times higher and reached 13 TH / S, Baikal X10 produced a modest 11 GH / S and brought excellent profits. The advantages of the new model were different.

baikal giant x10 hashrate

Bitcoin is growing rapidly. Peak races allowed to pay back the miner for a month. With further mining – net profit! The cooling system and build quality asika coped with the daily task. Cryptocurrency was mined, coins were traded on the stock exchange. Productivity is completely satisfied with the owners. And who wanted to sell Asik, quickly paid back the invested funds and welded with resale at times. The main thing – everything was done on time.

If you search well, you could take Baikal for some $ 1200. At the same time, Bitcoin was able to mine by 70-80% per day. ASIC paid off very quickly. It is the combination of price / quality allowed to overtake many competitive models. Now everything is not so bright, but the equipment still brings good money. Of course, a lot depends on the rate of mined cryptocurrency.

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A distinctive feature of the miners Baikal – support 5+ algorithms. For a private user, this is a very important point. The market of cryptocurrency stability never stood out. On the one hand, the diamond exchange is thinking of releasing its cryptocurrency, on the other hand, advertising ICO is prohibited, and governments are trying to control the coins. Therefore, the availability of options and the variability of switching to the extraction of different cryptocurrencies is always welcome.

Baikal giant x10 Mining

Baikal giant x10 Specifications

The most profitable work of the miner is X11. To implement the process of mining with this algorithm will have to face the expense of 800W. Therefore, a good power supply is required for Baikal Giant X10, ATX will work for 900W and more. The connection goes through six 6pin connectors. Each line must go directly from the block itself. Do not connect through combo connectors. We select BP specially under Asik.

The network controller is built into the case, there is no cable included. There is a possibility of parallel connection of several devices. Light indicators on the back of the case show the current state of Asic. Red lights up when turned on, blue turns on when connected to the network. The flickering of the green indicator indicates the process of mining cryptocurrency. Several algorithms are supported:

  • X11
  • Qubit
  • Quark
  • Skein
  • Myriad

The most promising algorithms today are Qubit and X11. In addition to the above, there is the possibility of working with X13, X14 and X15. The manufacturer promised to add 4 more algorithms (it has not yet been reported what, it all depends on demand). Cooling is at an acceptable level, implemented by the turbine: a single fan is located in front and blows air through the entire device.

Regarding noise performance Our Miner Baikal Giant X10 is quite noisy. In operation, the sound volume reaches 90-95 decibels. For the next room it can be a bit too much, but for the garage or rented room – just right.

Miner Baikal Giant X10

Miner Specification

Great for mining different coins. Can work with different blocks. Worthy competitor S9 from Bitmain. Let’s look at the main indicators:

  • Hashrate: 5-10 GH / s. Depends on the algorithm.
  • Power consumption: from 120W to 800W. Maximum power consumption when working with X
  • Power: 12V 6-pin connector (6pcs.), ATX power supply.
  • Network: Ethernet.
  • Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
  • Weight: 3700 g.
  • Dimensions: 312mm (length) x 125mm (width) x 130mm (height).
Miner Baikal Giant X10 hashrate and specs

How to connect?

In addition to the ASIC itself, we will need: a power supply unit (800-900W) and an Ethernet cable for connecting to the router. Includes cable for parallel connection. The power supply with connectors on 12pin should not be used. This will result in high line loads. The Baikal Giant X10 connection instruction is standard, as for most ASICs.

  1. We connect the power supply unit to ASIK through 6 connectors.
  2. Using an Ethernet cable, we connect the device to the Internet (via a switch or a router).
  3. Now you can give power through the switch on the PSU. From the very beginning of work, Asik will begin to make noise – this is normal. If the connectors are connected normally, the red indicator will light up. When it detects a local network, it turns blue. The device will be ready for use after this indicator flashes. If the blue does not light up, check the router and the network cable.
  4. Now you need to open the Windows command prompt. Type “ping baikal” and press Enter. The bottom line shows the X10 IP address. Copy it to the browser. The password is “baikal”.
  5. Go to the Miner tab. There may be someone else’s data (if the ASIC is not new). Remove traces of the previous user.
  6. Configure the pool. There are many algorithms, which means we choose ZPool.
  7. If you have not previously engaged in mining – open the pool site and register.
  8. Create your worker.
  9. Open the ASHIK homepage again.
  10. In the tab with pools we create tasks. We have 5 threads, and we create a task for each of them. Enter the data of the purses, which should go proceeds.
  11. Save the settings.
  12. Go back to the main. Now you should see the process of the device.
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Baikal Giant X10 Profitability and Benefits

Let’s talk about payback. Indicator is relative. Why? We do not know the exact price of the equipment: it jumps too much, depending on demand, and the course for cryptocurrency. The price of ASIK Baikal X10 can reach $ 10,000, which is too high at times. At the time of publication of the material could receive $ 8 net per day. If you successfully buy a model for $ 1500 and the rate of the coin to be mined will jump, then you can pay off in a matter of months. There are many risks, these are the conditions of the game.

Council Check whether it is possible to order ASIC directly from the manufacturer. Delivery will need to wait. But the miner will cost at times cheaper if compared with the prices of second-hand dealers.

With Bitcoin, you can predict revenue of $ 2,900–3,700 per year (including cheap electricity). This is with the current course. But since the coin shows excellent growth in dynamics, everything can be much more attractive. You can also mine other cryptocurrencies. I advise you to look at DASH. It is important to be mobile and constantly experiment.

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Remember that ASIC can always sell and recapture a significant portion of the funds. And if you sell successfully – also earn. In mining, you always need to keep track of new models, they are more powerful, more algorithms and opportunities. There are a lot of manufacturers of mining equipment, look closely and calculate approximate payback periods. With the Quark algorithm, some managed to squeeze up to $ 25 per day, while when working with X11 only $ 10. The situation can change dramatically, watch the market.

Baikal Giant X10 Profitability and Benefits

The main advantage of Baikal Giant X10 is precisely the possibility of mining different algorithms. That is, the miner was, is and will be relevant for a long time. However, the capacities are no longer the same as those of new asiki. Therefore, I do not recommend giving over Baikal Giant over $ 2000.


The characteristics of the X10 speak for themselves. The model is quite new, very versatile. The declared power is 800W, but in fact, depending on the algorithm, it can be 160-200W. It is very modest by modern standards. One fan copes with cooling radiators. Asik is noisy – it’s difficult to work in the same room. The price is very unstable. It’s best to buy from the Baikal website – a few months of waiting are worth two to three thousand dollars.

A nice and simple interface that is characteristic of Baikal devices. Easy to install and use. High build quality. For its real value – an excellent ASIC to enter the mining.

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