Baesus Super Energy Pro Car Jump Starter test. Use this power bank to start the car

Baesus Super Energy Pro Car Jump Starter test.  Use this power bank to start the car

A discharged battery is undoubtedly the biggest nightmare of every driver, right next to the control lamp with the engine in the lead role. Such situations happen when we least expect them. Similarly, as in the case of smartphones, but we have partially averted this problem with the help of power banks, and you know what? Thanks to Baseus Super Energii Pro Car Jump Starter Booster, we can solve the problem of discharged batteries in the same way.

Here is a powerbank that will start your car in an emergency

Starting cars from a power bank sounds… bad. At least, that’s how I reacted when this equipment came to me for testing. That feeling didn’t help to dismiss the great initial impression of a solid plastic and metal case the size of an outstretched hand (163 x 83 x 36.5mm to be exact), home to extensive and apparently advanced electronics.

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This is underlined by the weight of 470 grams and of course the manufacturer’s promises themselves. This one made sure that this model had two ports for charging, a blinded connector for detachable clamps and two bright LEDs in the form of a flashlight on the other side. In addition, the manufacturer also took care of a simple, bright LED display combined with a single button, which is responsible both for activating the display, so we can preview the charge level and change the flashlight mode (constant, flickering, SOS signal).

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Baseus Super Energii Pro Car Jump Starter Booster comes to us in a simple, but eye-catching cardboard box. There is a plastic cover in it, which protects not only the powerbank itself in transport, but also the warranty card, user manual, a set of four stickers, connected in the form of one module, clamps on short cables and a USB-A to USB-C cable according to charging with a power of 15 watts. Simple and nice, but if you plan to charge devices with a port other than USB-C, you have to take care of your own cable.

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Also remember that this powerbank can charge your devices with 15 watts (5V and 3 amps) via USB-C and 12 watts (5V, 2.4A) via USB-A. In itself, it is based on cells with a total capacity of 12,000 mAh (3.7V / 44.4 Wh), although the rated capacity is 7900 mAh. In turn, it spits out a starting and peak current (intensity) of the order of 600 and 1000 amperes, respectively. It owes its unique ability to start cars, as long as the engines equipped with them are not efficient and beasts, because in the case of gasoline units it can start up to a capacity of 6 liters and in the case of diesel engines with a capacity of up to 3.5 liters. They must also be compatible with 12V batteries.

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In practice, we simply turn on the powerbank charged at least over 50%, catch the plus and minus of the discharged battery with alligator clips and start the car. Then we have to quickly unplug the powerbank from the battery and voila – we are saved, and in a crisis situation we can only wave goodbye and it is reportedly 50 times before the need to recharge.

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However, it should not be forgotten that it is also a full-fledged powerbank and a solid one, with a rated capacity of 7900 mAh. In my case, by charging a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery with it, I deprived it of 30% of its charge (it dropped from one hundred percent to 70%), and the whole process took about 95 minutes with a smartphone turned on, but not used, supporting power charging 15 watts.

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Baesus Super Energy Pro Car Jump Starter test – summary

Baesus clearly wanted to write with his Super Energy Pro Car Jump Starter power bank and he did it. This model, available for PLN 329, is a solid powerbank, providing up to three full charges of a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery and an emergency start-up function. If you treat it like an ordinary powerbank, you will most likely blend your money here, but if you know that its additional function will save you from a crisis situation at least once, I see no reason not to equip yourself with it.

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