Trust Rudox microphone test with acoustic panel included

I haven’t had such a microphone in my hands yet, although I had quite a lot of different models. This is why the Trust Rudox immediately struck me as an interesting microphone when it arrived in a knee-length box. However, the more I thought about it, the more often I thought – was it not an exaggeration? This Trust Rudox test will answer that question.

The highlights of the Trust Rudox

  • General
    • Total weight: 1710 grams
    • Microphone weight: 332 grams
    • Dimensions in the most magnificent configuration: 45 x 43 x 35 cm (height, width, depth)
    • Cord length: 180 centimeters
    • Interfejs USB-A do USB-B
    • Headphone input for monitoring
    • Potentiometers
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • The microphone
    • Condenser microphone
    • Characteristics: cardioid
    • Frequency response: 21-21,000 Hz
    • Sensitivity: 70 dB
    • Signal to noise ratio: 70 dB
    • Sound pressure level: 130 dB
    • Próbkowanie: 24-bit/96 kHz
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First impressions of the Trust Rudox

From the very beginning you can see that the Trust Rudox microphone (GXT 259) is the most important model for the manufacturer, and indeed all the others are second to none in terms of advancement. Unpacking it resembles an adventure characteristic of the entire computer set, not part of the periphery, but a whole lot of foams and covers are here for a reason. The set is huge.

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So huge that what is most important, i.e. the microphone itself, was placed in an additional separate box together with the most important assembly elements. In addition to it, we can find the main character of this set, i.e. a large panel with acoustic foam and several mounting elements that allow you to mount everything on one solid base, the rubber surface on the bottom of which keeps it firmly on the desk top. Be sure to read the manual before putting it all together. I am talking about it not because I did not look into it myself and finally countered one of the screws, screwing in another, which finally required the intervention of the key. Not.

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The process of putting it all together is the perfect opportunity to see the great material that the Trust has used. Plastic is present here only in a few places (USB cable, knob, basket), because most of the remaining elements are made of solid metal only. That’s why Trust Rudox weighs so much, but don’t worry – it won’t damage your furniture, thanks to the aforementioned rubber cover. If you want, you can also mount this microphone on an arm compatible with the ⅝-inch thread, so the manufacturer will not limit you only to such a stand.

It is difficult to write about all the individual elements when there are so many of them, so I will only say this – you will not be disappointed with the workmanship and quality, and the appearance … well. Trust Rudox, contrary to the expectations that we usually place on this gaming brand, resembles raw, professional recording equipment, not just another toy for the player. So it will fit in where the quality of recordings is really a priority and where … well – where at the same time you cannot take care of the proper preparation of the room.

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The Trust Rudox set includes a special panel that surrounds the back of the microphone, which consists of a metal perforated frame and traditional soundproofing foam. Its role is to eliminate sound waves that will bypass the microphone and in the worst case bounce off e.g. a wall or monitor and return back to the diaphragm, lowering the overall sound quality.

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This is usually solved simply – by sticking foams to the walls so that even the echo spectrum is not present in the recording room, and here please, Trust Rudox provides us with them where they matter most. Although I am not a sound engineer, it seems to me not so much an alternative, but something in between, which will increase the sound quality, but not as much as preparing the room well. Ultimately, the set only lacks a separate pop-filter.

Mikrofon Trust Rudox

Moving on to the main unit, the Trust Rudox microphone, made of a metal body and mesh, is mounted in a simple basket, which tries to dampen any shocks through a total of six rubber bands (one spare is included in the set). Before that, you should put a foam cover on it.

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While it can be held easily in the hand, it is definitely a stationary microphone that actually consists of two sections that we interact with. First of all, we plug the USB-B cable into its bottom, which we will probably do only once after its installation, and secondly, on its front we find two potentiometers and a 3.5 mm jack input.

Both knobs are metal and have radial micrographs on both the sides and the top. The first one is to set the microphone’s sensitivity in advance (somewhere in 6/10 of the way the knob has a noticeable “bump”, probably for better orientation), and we activate / deactivate its operation by pressing, which is additionally signaled by an information diode at the edge of the foam. The second knob is responsible only for the volume level of the headphones plugged in through the jack, according to real-time listening.

Trust Rudox recording quality

Trust Rudox records only in cardioid mode, which is ideal for streamers, players or creators, because they mainly collect our voice. It is worth emphasizing here that this microphone has an extended frequency response, i.e. at the level of 18-21000 Hz, and not 20-20000 Hz, and a decent sampling level of 24-bit / 96 kHz. In practice, this works as follows:

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Raw recording
Record improved

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However, in order not to end only with these recordings, below are some samples of other microphones. Here is the model for PLN 100, PLN 400 and PLN 450:

… and for around PLN 450:

Trust Rudox test – summary

800 zlotys. That’s how much you’ll have to spend on the Trust Rudox microphone, so officially Trust has surpassed the price of the iconic Blue Yeti, a professional home microphone used by streamers and creators around the world, and that’s something. However, this price can be easily explained and yes – everything crashes against this metal panel, the wings of which we can manipulate a bit. Although on paper this model may seem exaggerated and its workmanship is mediocre, the Trust handled this unusual combination with flying colors.

At this price, the Trust Rudox is a piece of equipment that we can expect from very, very high quality recordings and this is the level this model offers. Thanks to him, our voice is a great complement to entertainment, presentations or recordings, and the moment of having fun in the program makes the “voice fruits” collected by him sound as if they were made in a recording studio. It is a pity that it is so expensive and… takes up so much space on your desk.

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