Crysis 4 is rising. Your graphics cards will be terrified

Crysis 4 is rising.  Your graphics cards will be terrified

Crytek finally officially confirmed what many players were waiting for. The company has returned to its flagship brand and is preparing Crysis 4 after a series of remasters.

Crysis 4 exists. As if

Crytek had been researching the area for a long time. The company released Crysis 1 on the market, and when these productions sold at a satisfactory level – it released renewed versions of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. Many players believed that the German team was testing the market to see if there was still room for this type of brand today. Apparently, Crytek thought it was worth returning to the topic.

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Crysis 4 is really coming into existence and the developers will probably want to come back in a big way. After all, their games are not only productions that are to earn the studio’s maintenance, but also titles that are intended to encourage other teams to work on the CryEngine graphics engine technology.

What stage is Crysis 4 at?

If you’re hoping to be playing Crysis 4 right now, you are wrong. Do you remember how players praised developers for the late announcement of their games three months before the premiere? These times are a thing of the past, because today there is a shortage of game developers and projects are announced in the very early stages of production.

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Crysis 4 currently exists in a very early form. Crytek does not hide the fact that they are at the beginning of production and are looking for game developers who will be the authors of the game. We also know that the company cares about listening to players’ opinions and adjusting production in terms of their testing. Crysis 4 is already announced as a production for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Crytek is looking for employees. So is the industry as a whole

Development studios are constantly growing, gaming budgets are growing, a lot of new employees are entering the market, and there is still a shortage of manpower. Especially since the key are employees who already have some experience.

Crytek for the production of Crysis 4 is now looking for many developers who will support them. What positions are to be filled for the design of a new game? Crytek is looking for:

  • Art Director
  • Character Artist
  • Senior Character Artist
  • Senior Character Concept Artist
  • Senior Environment Concept Artist
  • Technical Artist (Rigging)
  • Design Director
  • Game Designer – Weapons
  • Junior Technical Designer
  • Lead Game Designer
  • Lead UX Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Regular UX Designer
  • Senior Game Designer – Missions
  • Senior Level Designer
  • Senior System Designer
  • System Designer
  • Technical Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager

Looking at these positions, Crysis 4 is really in a very early stage of development. Probably the most money has been spent on the video material about the game.

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