One video output of Intel Arc graphics cards confirms the high shelf

For several days, Intel has been sharing more and more interesting information about its new products. This time, he revealed one video output from Intel Arc graphics cards, which directly indicates that the new Intel graphics era will begin with a bang.

The video output of Intel Arc graphics cards directly indicates the level of sophistication

For more information on what Intel is preparing for the dedicated gaming graphics card market, click here. There is a lot of information there, including both graphics core details and XeSS technology, which is a response to NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR. However, this one video output from Intel Arc cards makes it clear just how advanced the hardware is going to be.

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It turned out that Intel’s first graphics cards in the form of Arc models with Alchemist cores (DG2) will offer DisplayPort 2.0 output, the specification of which was outlined in 2019, while supporting monitors with ultra-high resolutions and an extensive range of colors. The company confirmed this in a driver update in the Linux kernel, which AMD recently did with its Radeon RX 7000 cards.

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So, at least, high-end Intel Arc graphics cards will support Display Port 2.0 output with 128b / 132b encoding and UHBR (Ultra High Bit Rate) 20 transmission mode, which provides bandwidth of 80 Gb / s (actually 77.38 GB / s). This means that one DP 2.0 output will be able to handle a 30-bit 8K monitor at 60 Hz HDR, or a 24-bit 10K display at 60 Hz with HDR without any compression. Together with it, screens with a resolution of up to 16K at 60 Hz or displays with a lower resolution, but at high refresh rates, will come into play.