Elon Musk’s Internet Starlink saved Ukraine from the problem with the Internet. We know the statistics

Elon Musk Starlink Will Save You Ti...
Elon Musk Starlink Will Save You Time And Money

According to the latest information, 150,000 Ukrainians use the services of SpaceX every day, so we can clearly say that Elon Musk’s Internet Starlink saved Ukraine. Why? Because without access to the Internet, the population would be blind and susceptible to the propaganda of Russia, which would be spread by the aggressor’s troops, damaging the morale of the defenders and making it easier for themselves to occupy new territories.

After Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the network infrastructure was one of the invader’s targets. SpaceX and the Starlink service, however, prevented Russia from carrying out its plan

The aforementioned 150,000 Ukrainians using Starlink’s services are approximate and provided by the Ukrainian Minister of Digitization. Earlier, just after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Fedorov contacted Elon Musk via Twitter, after which he got an immediate response, and SpaceX only needed 10 hours to launch internet services in a region where it had never been commercially active before.

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According to the latest data, more than 10,000 Starlink terminals are now operating in Ukraine, some of which were provided by the US USAID agency, and 5,000 “by various entities”. Ultimately, therefore, only some in Ukraine allowed themselves to buy a ground receiving station (terminal), accompanied by a router, which offers the possibility of simultaneous connection of up to 128 devices.

Crucially, access to Starlink is normally paid, but in Ukraine it can be used for free, which, given the current 250,000 subscribers of the service, raises questions about how much Elon Musk’s company is contributing to this help.