We know the Internet access rates of the Starlink Premium service from SpaceX

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To date, SpaceX has launched more than 2,000 satellites into space, of which approximately 1,500 are currently in operational orbit, which is almost three times less than the current permits. The development of the network is therefore in full swing and SpaceX is starting to beat coconuts on it, which will be used by the recently announced Starlink Premium offer.

SpaceX is demanding huge sums for access to Starlink Premium

The Starlink Premium service is clearly reserved for company fanatics or the rich, because it requires as much as $ 500 per month, not $ 99 as with the basic package. Even entering this contract is burdened with a much greater cost, not $ 500, but $ 2500 for the improved antenna and other equipment, to which you need to add an additional $ 500 in the form of a deposit. If you thought that such a price increase would go hand in hand with a directly proportional increase in performance, then unfortunately you are wrong.

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Basic Internet access via Starlink satellites provides 50 to 250 Mb / s download speeds and 10 to 20 Mb / s upload speeds with delays of 20 to 40 ms. Starlink Premium access, which is five times more expensive per month, guarantees the same delays, but speeds from 150 to 500 Mb / s and from 20 to Mb / s, respectively. The only sense in this deal comes down to better performance in “extreme weather” and priority 24/7 support, but Starlink still offers something no other company can provide – high-speed internet access available in many remote locations.

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