Epic Games would be considering releasing a Fortnite movie

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It seems that Epic Games he wants to diversify his business due to the legal problems he is having with Google and Apple to carry his game Fortnite to billions of devices quickly and easily, and it seems like your next move is going through release a movie based on his popular game.

This is what follows after the company indicated that it wants to launch an entertainment division focused on “scripted video content“.

“Epic Games is exploring the possibility of launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming,” said people familiar with the situation. “The maker of the successful video game Fortnite seeks to diversify amid legal battles with Apple and Google that have hurt its ability to expand in the mobile market.”

Although not yet formalized, plans for an entertainment division emerged after Epic Games hired three Lucasfilm executives earlier in the yearincluding Jason McGatlin, who went from being vice president of physical production at the Star Wars studio to becoming head of “special projects“in Epic.

That said, there is nothing concrete at the moment. Persons “familiar with the situation“They only told The Information that a movie was possible and that internal discussions had occurred. But considering Epic’s close ties to Hollywood – from recurring ties to Marvel to action releases from the ’80s – it wouldn’t take much to secure industry endorsements to expand its market.

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