Fold-out walls on the 48 Wallytender provide even more play space

Fold-out walls on the 48 Wallytender provide even more play space

A month ago, Ferretti Group, a global company dealing in the production of yachts, was purchased by the Wally company, from which the first fruits have already grown in the form of proposals for the consumer market. We are talking about the 48 Wallytender, a yacht whose most interesting addition are folding walls, providing passengers with even more space on board.

The all-new 48 Wallytender is a remake of the hugely popular Wally Tender that once shot the company the highest sales figures. This new one is far from the bizarre design of its predecessor, but it still managed to interest many yacht enthusiasts. Its 14 meters long and 4.2 meters wide at its widest point offer enough space for 12 passengers. You have at your disposal a double bedroom below deck, a shower, a kitchen, and even an “outdoor dining area”, complemented by a couch and two large sun loungers. In other words, the perfect combination for a weekend getaway.

However, it was at the back of the yacht that the uncommon (see Evo 43 from 2016) patent was found for folding sections of the bulwark, which widen the rear surface after dropping the anchor:48 Wallytender is powered by two Volvo IPS 650 engines with a total power of 1020 horsepower, which allow for development of up to 70 km / h. The whole is complemented by technological innovations and exquisite workmanship, which, however, cannot be compared with the price. This should be revealed before summer, because the premiere of 48 Wallytender is to take place during the European summer.

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Source: New Atlas