Russia plans to send FEDOR humanoid robots into space

Russian state media informed the world that two copies of FEDOR will be delivered to the International Space Station. As you might expect from the title – yes, there are robots at stake.

Russia is therefore not particularly innovative, because other robots have already been sent into space. However, the pair of FEDOR (what a coincidence!), Which is an acronym for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research, will have a special task. Both robots will be part of the team for the first time in history. The recently added human action algorithms are to help them. It just so happens that, according to the original plan, the FEDOR series is intended for rescue operations. They will help the astronauts at the station to carry loads, but the company also boasts that they can do push-ups, propel the vehicle and… shoot firearms.

The entire operation is carried out by the Roskosmos company, which plans to launch the FEDOR steam in August 2019. According to the Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, it has no connection with the “Terminator” (against the votes on Twitter), and the action is part of the government’s effort to create a much more practical AI. In turn, NASA (despite having a special robot – Valkyrie) does not mention anything about a similar action. However, she created it precisely with the idea of ​​conquering space, where he would enter the game at moments hostile to humans.

Valkyrie from NASA

Source: Eteknix

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