This bracelet is the best multitool in the world

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It plays with elegance, which has been combined with amazing functionality and ergonomics. This has not happened yet. New multitool from the company Leatherman it is an attractive bracelet that does not show that it is more than an accessory.

If you have this type of tool, you know how useful it is in everyday life. Leatherman’s president – Ben Rivera, he had a problem carrying his multitool through the gate at the airport. After all, the knives cannot be moved, so he always has to say goodbye to his gadget. Then he had the idea to place the device in something that does not attract attention. It fell on the bracelet.

Rivera He began his tests by wearing a bracelet made of a bicycle chain to see if it was comfortable to wear a piece of metal on the wrist. After that, the engineers easily made the idea a reality. Each part of the bracelet is also a fully functional tool. It can be disconnected, used and, if necessary, replaced with a new one. It was designed in such a way that it allows you to choose tools to suit individual needs. The bracelet has tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, a beer opener, a cutter, a window punch tool and more.

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It is expected to appear on the market in summer. The price is not known yet We will pay from 150-200 $ for the bracelet, and 500-600 $ for the option with the watch. Such a tool is really useful in everyday life, apart from the bottle opener, I very often … umm, screw a screw somewhere! With this ironic summary, I encourage you to read the video material prepared by the company Leatherman.

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