How do Poles approach privacy online? A new study by ClickMeeting responds to this

How do Poles approach privacy online?  A new study by ClickMeeting responds to this

ClickMeeting, a Polish webinar platform, conducted a survey to check how Poles approach the protection of their privacy online. Let’s take a closer look at the Online Privacy. User opinions and good practices ”.

Over 57 percent Poles believe that they care about their privacy online. Almost 40 percent of respondents use the incognito mode in the browser – the ClickMeeting study

In the era of digitization of processes and services, when we hear about new cyber attacks or data theft at every step, the protection of privacy on the Internet becomes more and more important. The survey conducted by ClickMeeting shows that almost all respondents are aware of the importance of privacy protection during various activities undertaken in the virtual space. At the same time, more than half of them (57%) ensure that they always care about their privacy online, while 40.6% tries to do it. Only 1 percent. does not know how to take care of it and therefore does not take any action in this direction, and less than 1 percent. of respondents admitted that online privacy does not matter to them.

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How do Poles care about it? The methods vary, and the largest percentage of Polish internet users pay attention to cookies (63.4%). Almost 60 percent of respondents keep the privacy settings in social media, as well as on the computer and / or on the phone (57.8%). A lot of people also use the incognito mode (nearly 40 percent) or applications that block traffic tracking (32.5 percent), and 28 percent. uses a VPN service. The other methods used are encrypted e-mail (15.5%), communicators encrypting data transmission (12.8%), encrypted communicators (12.2%) and tools encrypting confidential files (11%).

In recent years, many activities, including training and various events, have moved to the web. Of course, substantive issues play the most important role in their selection, but it should not be forgotten that privacy should also be taken into account. ClickMeeting decided to check how important privacy is for their participants. It turns out that as much as 73.7 percent. of respondents want the organizers of webinars to take care of their privacy. It does not matter, it is only less than 20 percent, and 4.8 percent. declared that it did not pay attention to it.

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According to data from ClickMeeting, almost 20 percent. events on the platform were those of a marketing and PR nature, and 16 percent. it supported direct sales. This shows that, like other areas, business is also moving online. And in it we want to feel safe. So it is no different in the case of online events. The number of those held at ClickMeeting in 2021 was 320 percent higher. compared to 2019, the period before the pandemic. This means that we have found out what their potential is. However, online privacy and security, especially in the era of increasing cyber attacks, is of great importance to us. Hence, it is so important to choose a tool that pays special attention to these issues. This applies in particular to the provision of appropriate network infrastructure and the development of an advanced privacy policy. There are also important functions thanks to which the users themselves can secure their events, e.g. by limiting access only to authorized persons. We took care of all this at ClickMeeting so that both the organizers and participants of the events feel comfortable and safe.

– says Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of ClickMeeting.

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