ClickMeeting presents the ranking of headphones and headsets. What equipment do Poles prefer?

What webcams and microphones are popular among Poles?  The ClickMeeting platform presents the ranking

The ClickMeeting platform comes to us once again with a list of the most popular devices that Poles use when working remotely or hybrid. Some time ago there was a compilation of webcams and microphones, and now it’s time for headphones and headsets.

Poles definitely like remote work, which was confirmed by the Polish ClickMeeting survey

We have already got used to this change, we have reorganized our lives, adjusting to the new work model. Study “How do we rate remote work after a year of the pandemic?” showed that Poles rate remote work an average of 7/10. Of course, such a solution is not without its drawbacks, and more than half of the respondents admit that their working time has increased on the remote. Despite this, they see many advantages, such as no travel or direct supervision. There is another major disadvantage of remote work – the need to have appropriate equipment, with 83% of respondents admitting that the employer does not compensate for the costs associated with working from home. That is why Poles themselves invest in such devices.

Headphones ranking 2021. Apple with three times more mentions than the competition

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As in the case of cameras and microphones, the comments of Internet users were analyzed here using the SentiOne tool. Thanks to this, the number of mentions of given headphones (and headsets) was obtained. The period from January to mid-October this year was taken into account. Apple’s AirPods were the undisputed king.

  1. Apple (14 thousand mentions, reach approx. 29 million views),
  2. Samsung (4,000 mentions, reach approx. 21 million views),
  3. Huawei (3 thousand mentions, reach approx. 6.5 million views),
  4. SteelSeries (818 mentions, reach approx. 6.2 million views),
  5. JBL (2 thousand mentions, reach approx. 5 million views).

Headset ranking 2021. Sony leader, Logitech second

  1. Sony (365 mentions generating 464 thousand coverage),
  2. Logitech (201 mentions generating 282 thousand ranges),
  3. HyperX (143 mentions generating 202 thousand ranges),
  4. Corsair (52 mentions and reach of 89 thousand views),
  5. Sennheiser (96 mentions and 84 thousand views).

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