How to use the Favorites section in the TikTok app: Miracle Solution

How to use the Favorites section in the TikTok app

How to use the Favorites section in the TikTok app: Even experienced users do not know exactly what the TikTok social network contains. In this article, we’ll consider what the Favorites tab in TikTok is for, where to find it, and how to use it.


The presence of this section allows you to save time spent on searching for interesting materials. The user can quickly enter the category with music files, movies, arranged in a convenient sequence.

What does it do

The “Favorites” tab indicates the presence of a confidential place to which information is added. Liked posts are deleted after a year due to the gradual loading of new video clips, and clips and tracks are stored indefinitely, allowing you to return to them after a few years.

Where is

To find a card with saved records, you need to do the following:

  •  Start the application on your smartphone and go to the “Me” block.
  •  Find the shortcut-like icon and click on it.

It will automatically go to the subsection with saved files. The user can view the information or delete out-of-date information.

Favorite TikTok apps
Favorite TikTok apps

Favorite TikTok apps


Several blocks have been created in the Tik Tok tabs.

Category nameWhat includes
ClipsVideos owned by someone else or your own
HashtagsLinks to interesting materials
MusicWorks of any origin
EffectsAccessories for decoration, video changes
Several blocks have been created in the Tik Tok tabs

The presence of a subsection makes it easy to systematize the materials, allows you to speed up the search for the desired video.

Can I watch from a pc

Browser viewing of records is restricted on a personal computer. To take advantage of the possibilities of a social network, you need to download a special application (emulator). The program duplicates the mobile tool, the debugging and writing processes are identical in both versions.

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On a PC, the process of viewing materials from “Favorites” is carried out according to the following scheme:

  •  After downloading TikTok from the official website, the program is installed on the computer.
  •  After entering the application, they are authorized on the site.
  •  The system allows you to use the following functions: to watch the video, click on the icon in the “Favorites” block.

The functionality of the tool is limited: you cannot add content to the “Saved” subsection via the computer, the user cannot access the block. You cannot view previously saved clips.

Whether other users can see

The account holder does not need to take additional steps to hide the information stored in this section. Unauthorized persons cannot access the Favorites fold

er. They can watch videos that are not hidden, publications are available to them. It is allowed to make the channel private (entrance closed to strangers).

How to use

Each subsection requires specific actions to be taken to save or delete materials. Only the channel owner has the right to make changes.

TikTok Favorites
TikTok Favorites

TikTok Favorites

In the case of video

People prefer to save clips to the Favorites tab. To do this, follow the instructions:

  •  After logging into the app, open the post.
  • The options menu is on the right. Above the vinyl of the attached track is a label with an arrow.
  •  After clicking the icon, the publication management subsection will open, in which you should click on the sub-item with the check box.

After the algorithm is carefully executed, the shortcut will turn black, and the inscription next to it will suggest deleting the composition. If the check box is not touched, the video will be saved in the folder.

To the music

Saving music files to Favorites is easy:

  • In the post or in the search bar, you need to find the song. The music menu page opens by clicking on the vinyl disc in the lower right corner.
  •  Click on the checkbox.
Music, hashtags and effects in your favorite TikTok
Music, hashtags and effects in your favorite TikTok

Music, hashtags and effects in your favorite TikTok

For hashtags

To save hashtags in the “Favorites” section, you need to:

  •  Open the hashtag page with the “Interesting” block.
  •  Click the flag label.
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To save effects to Favorites, you need to do the following:

  •  After opening the publication authoring interface, tap the shortcut with the plus sign (located in the center of the horizontal menu).
  • In the lower left corner there is a button with a crossed-out circle, above – a checkbox. Clicking it saves the effect.

Attention. To view the result from the menu, just tap another checkbox in the row containing the filter category tabs.


The contents of the tab are stored for years and require regular cleaning of out-of-date information. To perform this action, you need to find the entry you want to delete and click on the arrow pointing to the right. A drop-down menu will appear on the display, click the “Delete” button.

How download

Videos are taken both from the recommendation tape and from saved files in the “Favorites” subsection. By using the second option:

  •  After logging into your account, you must go to Favorites.
  •  Find the video you want to download and click on it.
  •  On the right side there are icons, one of them shows an arrow, after clicking on which functions will appear, among which will be “save video”.
  •  After clicking the button, the material will be downloaded to your mobile phone.


You cannot download hashtags, music tracks or effects from the “Favorites” subsection. The system only allows this operation for video files. In the case of other materials, storage in the service memory is ensured.

With a watermark

The post name and social media logo are included with the clips you upload or share. The presence of a watermark is a prerequisite specified in the application settings. You do not need to register for regular movie downloads on the site.

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No watermark

It will be possible to get rid of the ever-present social network logo and the name of the video author with the help of third-party applications. Free downloads can be found on the Play Market and App Store. After typing the query “saving video from Tik-Tok”, the available tools will be displayed in the search bar.

Help. For Android users download TikMate, for iOS – Video Saver.

Possible problems

Users often have questions about content uploaded but not displayed. The problem is solved by exiting the application and re-entering with authorization, entering the username and password. The second way is to overwrite your favorite video in the Favorites tab.

If there is no access

In a situation where the user cannot enter this subsection or the previously downloaded information is not displayed, the problem may be due to:

  •  outdated software – you need to update the tool to the latest version;
  •  restriction of use of musical works by the copyright owner;
  •  deleting the clip by the author.


Most of TikTok’s access and operation problems are related to an outdated application. To update the software, just visit the Google Play Market and check the latest versions of the tool.

Developers advise to install in the first days after the release of stable software.

If issues related to the operation of the application and access to the channel (category) are not resolved by standard methods, the account owner should contact TikTok technical support. Experts will quickly understand the causes of the problems that arise and propose solutions to the problem.

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