Best ASIC Miner: Most efficient ASIK models

Taking into account the situation with halving, the choice of ASIK, which will generate income (and stable) and at the same time be easy to operate, is a very urgent task. This article contains the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing new devices so that mining on them is profitable today in 2020.

ASIK efficiency

The cost of energy and the hash rate that you can achieve on a specific ASIC directly affect the profit and the speed of the payback of the device. Therefore, when choosing ASIK, you should carefully study the “combinations” of overclocking profiles and power consumption. It is recommended to choose the most profitable model in this regard.

Also, having bought a new ASIK, improve it with custom firmware (this is almost an obligatory step, because today it is very difficult to profitably mine without using firmware). Using it, you can achieve one of the following “scenarios”:

  • Increasing the hash rate (while the power consumption remains at the current level)
  • Maximum increase in hash rate (while energy consumption also increases)
  • Reducing the current level of power consumption (while the hash rate does not change).

An example with Antminer T17 will explain the efficiency and profitability of the firmware more clearly. The stock firmware of this ASIK allows you to achieve a hash rate of 40 Tx / s, while the device consumes 2200 watts. With the Hiveon ASIC firmware, the Antminer T17 consumes 1816 W (at the same hash rate), and the maximum possible hash rate is 56 Tx / s (on a standard power supply). Moreover, the firmware allows you to extend the service life of the ASIK.

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Easy to control ASIK

The easier it is for you to manage ASIK, the more attention you can pay to the mining process. The Hive OS monitoring and control system can greatly simplify the task – with its help, you will be able to control ASIKs remotely, monitor their performance, and so on. Therefore, when choosing a new device, pay attention to those ASIK models that are compatible with it. A complete list of supported models can be found here .

Spare parts availability

Choosing ASIK, find out whether it is possible to purchase spare parts in your city or country. And if so, what is their cost? Choose those ASIKs for which you can get spare parts as soon as possible. This way you will avoid serious pauses in the mining process and loss of income.

In addition, the following two factors should be considered:

  • ASIKs have practically no interchangeable parts. However, fans are an exception, but it all depends on their size. For example, Bitmain’s ASIKs have similar sized fans, but Innosilicon’s fans are larger. Bitmain 17 Series ASIC control boards are also interchangeable.
  • The most popular manufacturer is Bitmain.

ASIK cost

If you are going to purchase a large number of devices, their price may be the most influencing factor.

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Be sure to compare prices from multiple vendors. Some of these may add value on purpose and you may overpay. But by checking the offers of other suppliers, you will avoid this situation.

Also, do not purchase new ASIKs immediately after they are released. Wait a little – over time, their price will decrease slightly, and you will also have the opportunity to read reviews and decide if these devices are worth your investment.

It is also worth finding out how much electricity ASIK consumes on terahash. For example, some devices require 1.6 kW of power, while others require 6 kW. As a result, ASIK, which consumes 6 kW of energy, will cost much more, because you will spend a substantial part of your profit on paying electricity bills.

Device warranty

Warranty terms are another factor worth paying attention to:

  • What is the guarantee period for your potential ASIK? Obviously, the longer the warranty is valid, the better and easier it is for you.
  • Is there a warranty service center nearby (in your city or at least country)? If it is missing, look for a post-warranty center – sometimes it is easier to choose one, even if the device is still under warranty. Why? The fact is that sometimes warranty repairs can take a very long time, which means loss of profit for you.
  • What specific cases does the warranty NOT cover?

The most efficient ASIK models in 2020

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro

  1. Impressive power – hash rate up to 110 TH / s;
  2. High stability thanks to the new APW12 power supply;
  3. Effective energy saving – up to 29.5 J / t;
  4. Bitmain fans are interchangeable.
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Bitmain Antminer T17 (old generations)

  1. Easy to overclock;
  2. It is considered one of the most “durable” ASIKs;
  3. Bitmain fans are interchangeable;
  4. The control boards of the 17th Bitmain series are also interchangeable;
  5. The device is compatible with the Hiveon ASIC firmware (using it, you can profitably mine and achieve a hash rate of 56 Tx / s on a standard power supply).

Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro

  1. Reliability and durability;
  2. ASIK is easy to overclock;
  3. Bitmain fans are interchangeable;
  4. The device is compatible with the Hiveon ASIC firmware (using it, you can achieve a hash rate of 80.1 Tx / s on a standard power supply).

Innosilicon T3

  1. High reliability;
  2. ASIC Boost enabled;
  3. ASIK is equipped with an improved cooling system;
  4. The device allows you to achieve a hash rate of 43 Tx / s.

Whatsminer M20S

  1. Reliability and efficiency;
  2. The device allows you to achieve a hash rate of 68 Tx / s.

It is likely that in the near future ASIKs will replace GPU rigs even more. This means that the issue of choosing new profitable devices should be addressed right now.Tags:

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