Windows Drive is 100% charged in How to fix the problem

Windows Drive is 100% charged in How to fix the problem

Windows Drive is 100% charged in How to fix the problem: As a result, computer freezing is mostly used for the old version of Windows. And the same problem can also occur to Windows 10 users on a new computer, which was installed just a few days ago. How do you do?

A cursory web site examination can reveal what caused the hard disk booting to 100%. It seems probable that this is true. But in the latest versions of Windows, increased disk load is a problem which slows down the entire operating system. This applies to both normal hard drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD). Several patches have been released to fix the problem, but you must first figure out the problem.

How to fix “100% Disk Usage” error in Windows 10

Since this problem has been identified in Windows, several reasons have been found. But after a few days of reporting Microsoft’s bug sources and been identified I’m not less, but even more.

Immediately after identifying this problem, the user has several options available. To perform this one-to-one step each time, check the boot disk status indicator in ” Task Manager. “.

Note also that when adapted, we found that Windows Update Center can reset patches when other changes are made. Yes we’ll use this page bookmark patches in the future.

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Is your computer slowing down? Run a disk check

Performance problems often occur when trying to find a file using the Windows Search ad or program, and this requires some work to do on the disk. This can be from copying or pasting a group of files.

To determine if this problem affects you, the next time your computer slows down, press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + On and select ” Task Manager “.

It’s not another way. You can right-click on the taskbar and select ” Task Manager “. Note that sometimes display data is loaded with disk variables.

On the first tab ” Edit ” You can see the column ” Disco “. In case of real problems with its performance at 100% and the load will be on a field that is above the Atlantic Ocean.

Bad cards result in a problem on your hard drive. But the problem can be easily solved with the help of built-in Windows disk checker. Open the ” explorer ” column on the left and select ” This computer ” and in the right half of the window, locate your hard drive. Right-click on the C: drive menu and choose ” Profile “. On the tab. ” Office ” in the section ” Error checking “click to see “.

To appear in the window, click on ” Scan by drive “. I’m waiting for the unit to test the system. You may have to reboot to complete the tests. This operation may clear an error in a driver.

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Checking the status of your antivirus

To get poor computer performance in any situation, you must first ensure that your system is protected against viruses. It can be better to kill your PC without interfering with performance. The software that protects your computer should be able to resist threats. It doesn’t matter if the application is free or paid.

Tools like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can be used to scan system drivers and identify the causes of abnormal load on it. But it may take some time for this work.

If threats are detected, follow the antivirus manufacturer’s recommendations to fix the problem. Then reboot the system again to check disk load. Not sure if this problem is not due to malware. Let’s move on to the next steps.

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Disable Windows Search for better disk performance

At this level, you need to check if there is a problem with 100% disk load query services in Windows.

Also, there’s a bug in Windows 10 that causes the search to repeat itself, resulting in a higher disk load on the system.

In order to stop the service that is running during a current session before restarting the system, open the command prompt (which is quickly click ” logged in ” and write to cmd in the search box and right-click on ” System Symbol. ” and select ” Run to administrator “).

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Enter this command:

net.exe stop “Windows Search”

To permanently disable Windows search or indexing services, type R+ services and press Win msc , and press ” To enter “. The ‘ Services Search window’ appears to find Windows and double-click its properties to open the service item. In ” Start type “. Select ” disabled “. It’s also possible to stop the service directly in the window. To save the changes, just press the OK button .

After a few seconds, disabling Windows Search in order to improve the performance of Windows 10. If not, you need to proceed to the next step.

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Disable the Superfetch service

There is another service on Windows 10 present potential problem because it can be too much disk load We are talking about the Superfetch service.

To fix it, open the command prompt (it will remain on the window in the previous step) and type:

net.exe stop SuperFetch

Wait a few minutes for the disk performance action to take effect, and check out the disk flight measure command

chkdsk.exe / f / r

The system will tell you to restart the computer to complete our disk check. Finally, the safety requirements of all these data can be inferred. If the problem doesn’t help, it turns out to be more complicated than the problem it first appeared. But try to solve problems.

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Flash Cause “Disk is set to 100%” Error!

Flash technology is one of the most vulnerable aspects of modern computer systems. It’s not good to leave the experience. Adobe plans to finalize the multimedia plug-in by 2020, so there is no compelling reason to continue using it. Flash is a popular disk loading system in Windows 10 browsers that use Google Chrome.

In this browser, open Settings → → Advanced Menu and you will find the section ” Privacy and Security “.

Click here on ” content settings ” and you’ll find it in the Flash section .

On it you will see the switch that is being moved to the zone ” Block Flash in the Sites “. Now you can go back, restart the browser mode and click hard disk.

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use different browser

The flash drive doesn’t work, so you probably need a browser at all. The reason is that in the browser itself it is highly unlikely that Chrome is using Google. No one prevents you from choosing another program to surf over the Internet. Also, Windows 10 has two built-in browsers at the same time. Internet Explorer may seem outdated, as Microsoft Word is later suitable for Google Chrome. It is better equipped with multiple browsers and some will be better than others one way or another.

Is the ecommerce system wasting disk resources?

Another popular application that can cause 100% hard drive utilization: Skype.

If you do not know, you should start checking the status of the startup program. You can check to do this in Task Manager or around the clock to gather apps on the icon in the tray. If Skype is not detected, it will have an issue, such as by right-clicking on the program icon and selecting ” Speech Exit “.

GET R+ COMPOUND: press and paste the following email in the field:

C: File (x86) NMicrosoftNSkype for Desktop


C: File (x86) SkypeN-N-Phone

Now click OK and locate the skype.exe file. Right-click and select ” Propiedades “. in the tab.” pledge “Click ” Change ” and select ” ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES “.

Check the box ” Entry ” in the column ” allow ” and press ” apply ” and then OK . Now we have to go back to ‘ Task Manager’. “You will see changes. You can also simply exchange Skype for another message. If the alarms are not working, it’s time to move on to the next one.

PCI Express: Bug fixes on controllers

Some Windows 10 drivers don’t work as much as they should. Your hard drive makes only one firmware that loads on StorAHCI.sys 100% drive and may contain an error. The device is powered by a computer program or connected to the laptop motherboard via DVI-Express extended power PC controller interface. Connecting these peripherals can be a problem.

Open the ” Device Manager “. You can find Windows 10 by searching it, either by right-clicking in PC Explorer and then selecting Device Manager properties → . Open ” ATA IDE / ATAPI controller “. If the AHCI driver entry is present, double-click on it, open the tab ” String ” and select ” data driver “. If the specified controller

100: { Windowssystem32DRIVERSstorahci.sys;

then your error may be part of the operation of your computer.

Click on the drive data button and close the window ” data ” Select the fields ” property ” ” Tracking device instance”. Hover in value, right-click and select ” example “. This procedure must be included in the data from text document, using Notepad for example.

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Now press R+WIN, type ” Run ” command regedit, and press OK. run SetNEnumPCI and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINENSystemNControl to find the previously endlessly copied random number line drive to open your AHCI class.

expand the expand folder with long time random number and class of device parametersCLIP management MessageSignedInterruptProperties . MSISsupported item will appear on the right . Double click on it and change it to the value 0 . Now press OK to confirm. You must restart Windows to apply the changes.

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Is there a problem when starting the Steam business unit?

So do you use Steam as a product and games digital digital service? This system is most likely to cause problems with constant disk loading. This is mostly due to the delivery of updates, which the background loop loader can download. To fix this problem, clear your Steam cache.

First of all, make sure you have signed up on Steam. In cases where this program is loading disk causing a problem to hang out while trying to log out. In this case, use Windows 10 Steam Task Manager to close the client.

Now you can start to open the window using the combination WIN+R command and enter


A dialog box will appear to inform you that only content has been removed. You can confirm your policy by pressing OK . All your games data will be saved and will remain on disk – there is no risk of losing them.

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Disable diagnostic tools on Windows

Also consider the impact of diagnostic tools such as this feature on Windows 10. This is for many users to completely turn off for privacy reasons. But other diagnostic tools are also found to cause load on the hard drive.

In this case just disable the DiagTrack service. This can solve the problem with 100% disk load. The first command line will be in administrator mode.

This can be done by ” starting ” and typing in the cmd in the search box . To wait for the search results to appear, right-click on the shortcut program “ Sign System. ” In the menu select “ Run as Administrator. ” The window appears inside the internet stop and disable Detection Commands on the following page

sc config “DiagTrack” start = disabled

sc stop ” Diagtrack 

You can also enter the System Settings → Notifications and Actions menu and disable getting tips and tips when using Windows. This can help combat boot disk problem.

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Windows Update Center can cause increased disk load

Windows is working to update any user aware system. However, changes made to the operating system can cause a “100% disk load” problem. This happens when a problem appears in the Windows Update Center. This is required to upload your refusal file. Yes, the user has two options:

  • Leave the computer alone. Wait for the application to open and close. Finally, I will continue to download the files, and depending on your system settings update, Windows may require a reboot.
  • Turn off the computer. Immediately after, you can wait to turn on your PC in Windows Update Center to fix the problem.

After the new file download has finished, it is recommended to start the installation process as soon as possible. As we mentioned above, new patches don’t override previous disk boot bug fixes. It is important to remember that there are updates installed so that you can roll out if a problem occurs again.

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Reset Virtual memory

The virtual memory on a computer is a combination of RAM and hard disk space. The thing you can do is load the disk permanently. If there is not enough RAM for any type, it is replenished at the expense of disk space. RAM rents are built on emergency equipment.

The memory used by Windows Virtual is by default, you need to be able to help solve the problem and “disk loaded to 100%”. It’s a good idea to do a factory reset first.

Use the combination WIN + Zero/Delay to open the ” System “. Go to the menu ” Advanced System settings ” in the left column. The window appears in the ” Its System Virus ” tab Select a ” more ” and in it: By ” fast performance ” Button Click ” options “.

There, go back to the tab ” advanced ” section that does not have ” virtual memory “. Press ” Change… ” and uncheck the box ” Paging file size for all selected disks automatically “. On the same screen, it is recommended that you be able to select a paging file system where the drive is about 100 and then custom installed. specify Initial size. и the maximum size of . The parameters are set to be known in MB, not GB.

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These figures don’t scare inexperienced users, so it’s best that they are based on your recommended parameters. That’s the maximum, no more than a figure and a half the amount of time she entered the battering ram. And yes, for a computer with 4 GB of memory, 4 GB or enter a maximum of 6144 MB.

After entering the values, press ” Setup ” and then OK to continue. It is now time to remove files that were in the previous virtual memory allocation from your system. To do this, open the window ” Run ” (Adobe R) and then enter temp. Directory A files will be temporarily open. Select Ctrl + A key and delete them by pressing Delete All .

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Enable high performance mode

One of the last troubleshooting steps you can change is Windows control settings. Standard accompanying modes can result in a disk loading error, but switching to a higher performance mode may solve the problem.

The downside of this solution is only the higher power consumption of your computer. But for today’s efficient processors, this won’t be a serious problem. However, the power and power of four desktop netbooks that operate during this battery life can be activated.

To enter this mode, open the keys to “Power and Sleep Mode” on the screen using the combination OFFER + X by selecting ” energy management “.

Select section Related Parameters → Additional Image Settings . Tracks in circles to ” high performance “.

If this option does not appear, you will need to create your own meal plan. In the left column, click on the menu ” Create an industry management plan ” Select ” high performance “, To specify the name of the new policy, store adjustments, and select Add it from the main account. The problem may soon disappear if the disk has to drop from 100% to 10% or less load.

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Install the latest SATA drive

Did you know that the storage device driver is actually causing the “disk is set to 100%” error?

Windows 10 almost certainly uses your computer to connect to SATA hard drives, SSD drives and other options. If the drivers interface is out of date, you may get a disk usage error. To avoid this it is not necessary for the SATA driver to update to the latest versions.

Use the WIN+X combination to open the menu and select ” Device Manager “. In this window, expand the field ‘ Memory Device Drivers ‘ Find your drive to and from working SATA devices. If you are in doubt and by mistake, you can do all the things you need.

To update your drive, right-click and select ” Update a drive “.

Then, you have the option to select ” search drivers on this computer ” and then ” Select a drive from the list of available drivers on your computer “. Here you have to choose a ” standard Adhki decision ” and see how it affects performance.

You may have to restart for Windows to change the result. If this method doesn’t work, you can search for the new driver yourself on the device’s website. It can then be installed following the included instructions.

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Disk rarely used to reach 100%.

In normal computer operation, there is no 100% disk system used on the service. An outdated platform can be a problem when you have to disable the plug-in in your browser, do not run services, and do not run antivirus software checks. However, some of the reasons for this may lie in computer hardware drive behavior. A driver may have reached the end of their useful life to be incomplete, or cables may need to be replaced. There is no possibility that the problem is with Windows defragmentation tool.

If your computer’s hard drive slowly tries to defragment, there may be a problem. Opening the ” Task Scheduler ” and entering Using the combination WIN + Q to the name of the search bar in this application.

We suggest that all methods Try again slowly running Windows starts with disk loading constant. A set of options is suggested to save and fix the operating system to resolve common problems.

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