Huawei helps maintain the network in Ukraine. Why did this information not get through to the media?

Huawei helps maintain the network in Ukraine.  Why did this information not get through to the media?

Huawei is dealing with, to put it mildly, the image crisis after the publication of the Daily Mail. The narrative could be completely different, but the information about the company’s help in Ukraine did not get through in the media. Can we already weave conspiracy theories on this?

Huawei in a losing position, i.e. let’s start from the end

On March 6, the Daily Mail published a text that Huawei is helping to stabilize the situation after hacking attacks on the Russian Internet. The tabloid referred to the already deleted report from Chinese news portal, which talks about using research centers in Russia to train 50,000 technical experts. In turn, Huawei had five research centers hasten to help Russia.

This publication caused an avalanche. From the wave of hatred against the company, attacks by industry media, to information about the end of cooperation with Huawei by Robert Lewandowski and one of the brand ambassadors of photographer Marcin Tyszka.

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Huawei helps maintain the network in Ukraine

Cellular communication and the Internet are very important things for the defending Ukrainians. They allow you to stay connected with the world, but also to a large extent the fighting spirit in difficult times. It is thanks to this that the world can witness the heroic exploits of the country’s defenders. For example, these photos by WaveNet show how hard it is to keep your network up and running.

On March 1, the Ukrainian portal Pravda published information about Huawei’s support in the work on maintaining network continuity in Ukraine. The company announced free aid in the west of the country and denied that it had helped Russia fend off cyber attacks.

Today we care about our users and work with Ukrainian network providers to ensure the network runs consistently and well. Fifty of our local engineers ensure stable connectivity and continue to support and configure newly created websites

– Huawei was to announce.

The information was also released by the industry TelecomPaper on March 2.

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Only negative news spread across the web. Whom to believe?

Huawei denies the Daily Maill reports. However, the company has not published any comprehensive communication on the matter, limiting itself to stating that the information is false. No statement on the termination of cooperation with the company has yet been published by Rober Lewandowski.

Has Huawei assisted Russia after the hacking attacks? Maybe. The company is present in the country, which is no secret, and if it has an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with Russia, it could not refuse. From a moral point of view, it should be. From business – not at all. Agreements of this kind, at this level, have penalties of up to billions of dollars. So Huawei could be on the verge of image or financial failure. Cool calculations could show that the image failure will be less severe. Even if Huawei is completely burned by it in Europe, it can handle it in China. It would be difficult to recover from a financial disaster. Regardless of whether we morally agree with it in Poland or not.

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The Daily Mail reports are hard to believe for a simple reason. Huawei has 197 thousand worldwide. employees (according to official reported data). And suddenly he said that he would train 50,000 people to operate the Russian Internet? You could believe in 5,000, but probably not 50.

I do not want to go into conspiracy theories, but why did the positive information about Huawei’s aid to Ukraine not break through the network, and the negative one about Russia’s help, given almost a week later by the British tabloid (the United Kingdom, after urging the US, blocks Huawei in its networks) caused a storm on world?

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