The full Intel i7 8700K test leaked to the network

The full Intel i7 8700K test leaked to the network

Leaks often happen before major premieres, but rarely contain a full test of a given product. This time it did and we can enjoy the full i7 8700K processor performance breakdown.

The premature premiere of the test appeared on the credible EXPreview website. The processor was combined with units such as 7700K or 7800X. The test platform includes 4x 8 GB of RAM 2400 MHz CL14.

The processor performs similarly to the 7700K in single thread tests but far ahead of it in multi-thread tests. This is because the 8700K has more cores and threads. Interestingly, in single-thread tests it is ahead of the 7800X but loses in multi-thread tests.

They have also been tested in games with 8700K overclock and competition to 4.5 GHz. You can already see an advantage of over 7 percentage points over the 7700K and almost 10 percentage points over the 7800X. So Intel has made some progress at Coffee Lake, however it will not be as high as we expected.