Instead of replacing, the screen can be repaired. Samsung’s new service is starting

Instead of replacing, the screen can be repaired.  Samsung's new service is starting

The new service is aimed at owners of Samsung Galaxy devices. The company, instead of replacing the entire screen and exposing us to considerable costs, will repair it (if it is possible, of course).

Samsung’s new service – Screen Repair

Anyone who has had to replace a smartphone display at an authorized service point at least once knows how big the expense is. However, it also happens that there is no need to completely replace the display. That is why Samsung has introduced a new service to websites – an attractively priced screen repair. The new, cost-effective solution is now available at authorized Samsung service centers.

A significant part of the repair of mobile devices is screen replacement. It is a complicated and expensive service that is not necessary in many cases. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our customers, but also with the good of the environment in mind, we decided to introduce a screen repair service. Repair, unlike replacement, is based on a different technological process that allows you to repair a damaged screen without having to replace the entire module

– says Jarosław Orski, head of the Samsung Customer Care department.

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It is worth remembering that the repair of the screen will be available to owners of Samsung Galaxy devices in which the display module frame has not been damaged, and only the screen elements presenting the content, such as the touch layer and the display matrix, need to be replaced. The price of a screen repair will be 15 to even 45 percent lower than when replacing the entire screen module.

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The service is available for Galaxy models:

  • S8,
  • S8 +,
  • S9,
  • S9 +,
  • S10e,
  • S10,
  • S10 +,
  • S20,
  • S20+,
  • S20U,
  • S21,
  • S21+,
  • S21U,
  • Note 8,
  • Note 9,
  • Note 10,
  • Note 10+,
  • Note 20,
  • Note 20U,
  • Fold2.

Each time, an expert will assess whether the device is eligible for repair. After such an analysis and acceptance of the repair costs, the device is then transferred to a dedicated Samsung authorized service center with the appropriate tools and a team of technicians specially trained in the renewal process.

All repairs and replacements of displays at authorized Samsung service centers are performed using only genuine parts to preserve the original warranty period of the device.

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