How to Change your Country on your Mobile Instagram Account? – All Methods

How to Change your Country on your Mobile Instagram Account?  - All Methods

How to Change your Country on your Mobile Instagram Account? – All Methods

As you should already know, Instagram is a very popular social network which is frequently launching features and enhancements for its users. Most of the cases are applied first in the United States and after a few weeks we see them in Latin America, with priority in some countries before others.

But did you know that you can change the location of your account to, in this way, enjoy the news within hours of its launch? Keep reading so you don’t miss any step.

How can you customize the location of your account on Instagram?

Beforehand you have to understand that the process that allows you to “change” your location it does not come in a menu or option in the application. Instagram takes from your mobile or your web browser the IP address of the place where you connect, so you will have to change it by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN for its acronym in English) that serve to hide the address from where you connect.

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With an Android device

With a few changes in the phone configuration you can create Internet access via VPN from Settings or Configuration, enter the data they ask for (Name, Type, Server address, IPSec or group identifier and IPSec pre-shared key).

But if you don’t want to mortify yourself by changing those data, you can install an app that easily does the process On the other hand, one of the most popular is Secure VPN, which is also free and very simple.

Once installed and loaded, you select the country (United States so that you have access to the latest) from which you want to connect by server and when you enter Instagram automatically it detects your location. If you don’t do it after refreshing your timeline, try to uninstall and reinstall.

When using an iOS mobile

For users of Manzanita, the process is the same. You can do it manually from Settings / General / VPN and ” Add VPN configuration‘where you will have to place the data you get on the internet on free VPNs that allow you to connect to servers.

But also, you can install apps like Express VPN, CyberGhost or Private Internet Access after looking for which one suits your characteristics, because some are paid but offer 30-day free trials.

Can the location change be done using the web version?

Of course, the same process can be done if you connect from your computer. There is no magic button that allows you to change your location, so you must perform the procedure through a VPN.

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What can be done to open Instagram as if you were in another country?

As we have already seen, we can change our location with the use of additional applications to cover our address. Below we will recommend some methods and links.

Using a VPN

You should only install applications from VPN that allow you to change the IP of the same by a server in the country you want. One of the lightest and most popular is Psiphon, which is available for Windows and Mac for free. You just have to download, install and run by selecting the country, and then open your Instagram account from a browser.

With the Beta app

Of course, if the purpose of these processes is to enjoy the news of Instagram launch, you can avoid all this protocol requesting to be an Instagram Tester and in this way have access to the Beta version where the trial versions will appear.

Just enter the Google play and you will become the team. For iOS users it is more complicated as they will have to install the TestFlight app from the App Store and select Instagram, and wait for there to be a free slot because the testers for iOS are limited.

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mobile using instagram

What are the most obvious changes that usually occur when changing the location?

In addition to the news of launches in Instagram functions, when changing your location you may have other changes that we mention below:

Change of stickers

The stickers allow you to make the Stories more attractive and more dynamic, and given the fact that they are displayed according to your location, you can have access to a great variety and quantity as it is geographically “located” in larger and more cosmopolitan countries.

Options by zone

Geolocation on Instagram offers recommendations based on your location, in fact the Stories map can allow you through the option Place tag a location and in this way promote in a specific area.

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