Intel graphics cards recall themselves in the Linux Mesa drivers

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Although Intel decided to remain silent about its graphics cards at the CES 2022 conference, it still runs “in the background.” This is at least indicated by the information provided by Phoronix about entries in the open-source Linux Mesa graphics driver update, which includes Intel graphics cards.

Intel graphics cards hidden under the IDs have appeared in the Linux Mesa graphics drivers

In my collective news about everything we know about Intel Arc graphics cards, I mentioned some strange moves on the part of Intel. The company did not withdraw from the announcement that its graphics cards will debut in the first quarter of 2022, but at the same time removed the mention of it from its official website. It is unofficially mentioned that the premiere of these cards will be in March … but we still do not know whether the game will be desktop or only mobile models. What is certain, however, is that the manufacturers have already received GPU DG2 samples.

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Intel’s latest update to the Linux Mesa open-source graphics driver seems to confirm this, as it has introduced 20 brand new PCI device IDs labeled ‘DG2’, directly referencing these new graphics cards. The identifiers themselves are difficult to analyze, however, because they simply do not provide much information. IDs can include engineering samples, cards for mobile and desktop games, as well as those for professionals.

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