Intel is celebrating. Half a century ago, the first 4004 microprocessor was created

AMD Instinct MI100 GPU
AMD Instinct MI100 GPU

Exactly today, half a century earlier, the Intel 4004, the first microprocessor to hit the commercial market, was created. After its premiere in November 1971, Intel 4004 paved the way to what surrounds us today – computers in the home office, smartphones in pockets, data centers and supercomputers.

The first 4004 microprocessor was built half a century ago. Intel remembers this perfectly well and emphasizes how important it was

In 1969, Nippon Calculating Machine Corp. asked Intel to design a chip set for the Busicom 141-PF prototype engineering calculator. Intel engineer Faggin and his team adapted the original plans for 12 custom chips and designed a set of four chips – including a 4004 processor – to rise to the challenge.

– we read in Intel’s press announcement.

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Intel, of course, decided to properly celebrate this day and hence the official comment of the current CEO of the company. No wonder, because the Intel 4004 is a pioneering microprocessor, and its success has proven that you can build complex integrated circuits and fit them on a chip the size of a fingernail. After all, this first buyable microprocessor provided the same computing power as the first electronic computer built in 1946, the size of an entire room.

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 4004 chip. Think how much we have achieved in the last half century. This is a sacred moment for technology. This is what made computers really take off!

Said Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO

According to the company’s official announcement, Intel 4004 also established a new random logic design methodology on which next generations of microprocessors were designed … until today.

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[Patrząc na] 1970, it was clear that microprocessors would change the way we design systems, moving from hardware to software. However, the speed with which microprocessors have evolved over time and been adopted by the industry has been truly surprising

Said Federico Faggin, a former Intel engineer who designed and produced the Intel 4004 with Tedd Hoff and Stan Mazor.

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